Cultivated land: Bushehr, Khuzestan and Fars Provinces Crop Coloring: Pale brown and yellow Crop Flesh types: Dry and Semi-dry Harvest Season: Late September and October Quality: Premium and commercial Crop Shape: Short and almost oval Transportation: long shelf life and no refrigerated transportation is needed. Zahedi date is dry, yellow, fleshy and tasty which has less moisture content in comparison with other varieties. Sweetness of Zahedi date is quite low and is suitable for those who prefer less sweet ones. The date is oval, one of the most premium varieties, has long shelf life, easy to transport and is among export cultivars. Rich in fiber, it helps digestive system purification and as you feel less hungry by eating them, it is a good remedy for obesity. Sweetness and stiffness of Zahedi dates depend on the harvest and drying time. In addition to Bushehr, Khuzestan, Fars and Kerman are home to this tasty variety of date. The most well-known region where the crop is grown is “Poshtkuh, Bushehr”.

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