Cultivated land: Hajiabad, Hormozgan Crop Coloring: Pale and dark brown Crop Flesh types: Semi-dry and fleshy Harvest Season: October and November Quality: Grade one and commercial Crop Shape: long Transportation: long shelf life and no refrigerated transportation is needed. This type which is one of the most delicious dry dates is long in size and has dry tissue and is usually seen in dark brown. It has a thin skin and in comparison with other date varieties, harvested late. South of Iran and northernmost regions of Hormozgan are home to this delicious cultivar. Piarom palms are mainly grown on the hillsides and irrigated by the streams of water flowed from the rivers. Thin skin of Piarom date is dark brown and as its flesh and skin are tightly stuck, it gives the date a very attractive and desirable appurtenance.

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