original Kimia dates price, diamond of dates

original Kimia dates price, diamond of dates

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original Kimia dates price, the most suitable type of dates

Dates are a type of tropical fruits which grows in the tropical and subtropical regions of Iran which is south Iran like: Bam, Jiroft, Kahnuj in kerman province, Saravanan and Iranshahr in Sistan-o-Baluchestan province, and Pakistani province of Balochistan. Among all types of dates Kimia date is the most popular one. Best Kimia dates belong to Bam. Kimia dates are of the best, most popular, delicious and nutritious types of dates in Iran. In Iran these types of dates are known as Mazafati dates and in countries like India they are called Kimia dates. These dates are considered to be the best type and are called original Kimia dates. Original Kimia dates price vary based on the origin of the palm tree, date moisture, and climate of the cultivation area. Original kimia dates Price in international market is about 1.1 or 2 USD per Kg, that depends on the quality, type of the dates and packaging this number might change.

                                     Types of dates: Kharak, Kimia, Zahedi, and Piarom


Sometimes Kimia dates are mistaken for Rotabs. It should be known that Kimia dates are different from Rotabs. Rotabs are unripe fruits of a palm tree, a dried kind of date. Note that this type of date must be kept in a fridge. Most types of dates can be stored at room temperature but Kimia dates must be kept in the fridge, and taken out of it three hours before being used.



original Kimia dates price

Kimia date is well sold in Iran and also in international markets. The most common type of date for exports is Kimia date. Iran is one the leaders in exporting Kimia dates all around the world; mostly: UAE, Iraq, India, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Europe, North America, and… . These days exports are badly affected due to international arguments and coronavirus.

Kimia dates consist of 25 percent sucrose, 50 percent glucose, water, pectin, vitamin A,E,C,B, 2mg potassium, 75gr carbohydrate, 8gr fiber, 63 gr sugar, 2.5gr protein, 0.3gr calcium. The fiber and potassium in date can help the cure process of some health issues like cancer, anemia, nervous system related problems, and diarrhea. Using a proper daily amount of dates also brings benefits to your health. The vitamins present in Kimia dates can boost nervous system health and functionality. It’s also an effective treatment for diarrhea. Dates are perfect energy container snacks. Research shows that eating dates alone or with dairy products, including milk, is very beneficial for extreme fatigue caused by fasting or strenuous activities. Dates have fibers that are very effective in reducing fat and providing protein. The latest scientific researches show that dates are effective in eliminating violence and calming their souls. Due to having mucilage substances, it soothes cough, and has the effect of relieving chest discomforts. Dates can be effective in relieving paralysis, back bone related pains and joint discomforts. Evidence suggests that in areas with high use of dates, the fruit can be effective in preventing cancer. Dates neutralize excess stomach acid and are very beneficial for the elderly’s and children’s health. The miraculous effect of date kernel is the elimination of the swellings of the eyelids. For this purpose, make an ointment from the date kernel and put it on the eye. This ointment is also the best medicine for eyelash growth.

The original Kimia dates price is affected by the packaging of the dates. The most common way of packaging these dates in square boxes consisting of 3 or 4 rows.


Typical boxes of  Kimia date

Mazafati dates price in Iran

Among all types of palms Kimia palm is of best quality which is also known as Mazafati palm. The fruit of palm trees is a species called “Palmacea ” also called ”Phoenix dactylifera” scientifically. Kimia Dates trees can reach 25 meters in height and each tree can supply fruits for almost 60 years. Dates are attached to trees in a cluster form. At the very beginning of the tree they are red, and by the time passing, they ripe, and turn from brown to purple- black color. It’s said that the more blackish the color of the date, of the highest quality and tastier it is. In this case Original Kimia dates price can reach a higher amount. One of the signs of a good Kimia date is that you can easily peel them.

Clusters of dates on a palm tree

As mentioned before there are factors that affect Original Kimia dates price. beside the packaging, origin of dates and…, harvest time is one of the main reasons that make the price lower.

In 2020 each Kg of dates are priced 20 thousand tomans. Which in times of harvest they are sold 12 thousand tomans each kiloo  (these prices are related to mass sale). According to Iran customhouse each ton Original Kimia dates price worth 1750 USD which equals 21 thousand tomans. In Bam harvest time is September. Then dates are stored in boxes made of date leaves. Dates are transferred to cold storages and the packaging will be done. From the time of harvest to the transferring to the refrigerators and later on packaging, a large amount of the date is lost due to lack of mechanized packaging machines and equipment. manual packaging by human labor, lack of proper packaging, etc. cause a huge loss of dates each year.

Another factor affecting Original Kimia dates price is moisture. The more moist the date has the higher price might be. This date has an average moisture of 15% to 35%, which depends on time of harvest, and the planting site. Kimia dates because of its high moisture needs to be maintained in -5 to 5 centigrade. It can be kept at -5° for almost two years. And in 0 to 5 degrees for a whole year.

rotab trees

Kimia dates must be washed before being eaten. Because, the syrup on their skin absorbs dirt and pollution. Although Kimia dates are not considered a syrupy type, they are still containing date syrup. One of the methods of checking the quality of these dates is checking whether they are juicy or not. Date syrup beside all its health benefits is a sign of a fresh, fleshy, delicious date.






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