Kaloote Dates


We are very happy that today we can be at your service with another series of articles on Raimon website. In this article, we are going to talk about a very specific type of date called Kaloote. We hope that in this article we can provide you with good information, dear users. The good news is that this article is a little longer than previous articles in order to give you a comprehensive and complete explanation of Kaloote dates. This is exactly what makes it possible for us to explain everything you need to know about Kaloote dates. We hope you enjoy our article and we were able to satisfy you. We are very happy that you are taking the time to read our article, and we appreciate that.

A brief description of this date

Kaloote dates are considered as wet dates in Iran. This date is cultivated in Jiroft and villages and areas around Jiroft in Kerman province. Of course, it is better to say that this region is one of the best areas for cultivating this type of date due to the climatic conditions. This fruit is initially red in color and is very similar in shape to Mazafati dates. This date has a good quality and is one of the important commercial cultivars. The export of these dates has brought a lot of currency to Iran every year. Harvesting of Kaloote dates starts at the beginning of September. And lasts for one to two months. In terms of size, we have to tell you that this date is of a large type. Due to its high quality and relatively reasonable price, this date has always had a good domestic and international market. This popularity is such that it is one of the most important export figures of Iranian dates. These dates are marketed in different packages or in bulk. The most important point in presenting this date is the proper quality of this species.

What names do locals use for this type of date?

It is interesting to know that these dates are also planted in the southern cities of Iran. And in many local areas where this date grows, it is known by other names. These names are very close to each other. One of these names is Kalate, Kelite or Kriteh dates. Locals often use these names. If you are a fan of Iranian dates, you have probably heard these names at least once, and if you have heard these names, you should know that they are the same names as other Kaloote dates.

What about the palm of this date?

Regarding the characteristics of the palm of this date, it is also interesting to know that the date palm of Kaloote is one of the very tall palms. These tall palms have been planted in Jiroft region of Kerman. In this region, many groves are cultivated with dates. These palms are always famous among the locals because of their high altitude. Also, this date has become one of the main meals among the locals due to its interesting and special taste. This date has also been able to sell well as a delicious date.

About the place of cultivation of this delicious date

The best and highest quality type of Kaloote dates are cultivated in an area called Jiroft in Kerman. The immature shape of this fruit is red. And after reaching maturity, it has a lot of dates in terms of shape. This date is always cultivated in Jiroft and Anbarabad counties. Annually, large quantities of these dates are packaged and sold for the domestic and foreign markets. In these two areas where dates are grown, in addition to dates, you can also find Mazafati and Muradsangi dates. These types of dates that are grown in this area also have good quality and are important commercial cultivars. Regarding Mazafati dates, we have explained in detail many times that it is cultivated in Bam city and the best Mazafati dates in the world belong to this city. But Jiroft city is also a good place to grow this type of date.

What are the appearance features to describe that type of date?

Kaloote dates are in the category of dates among dry and wet dates. So it belongs to the category of semi-wet dates. Also, the juice in the inherent structure of this date is moderate. This means that it has neither much juice nor no juice. The size of this date, like the dates you know, varies between 2 and 4 cm depending on the type of date. But in general, the moisture content of this type of fruit is about 13% to 23%. This case is also related to the type and type of dates. Because these dates are available in different qualities. These dates, like other types of dates on the market, have different qualities that make them have different prices. If you are a person who is interested in consuming natural sweets, we recommend eating this date. This fruit has a very pleasant taste that can attract your attention. Follow us to tell you more about the features of this exciting fruit. In the next section, we will talk more about selling these dates.

What is the difference between Kaloote dates and Mazafati dates?

Kaloote dates are very similar to Mazafati dates. Regarding the difference between these two cultivars of dates, it should be said that Kaloote dates are lighter in color than Mazafati dates. Kaloote dates are dark brown in color. While the color of Mazafati dates is black. Kaloote dates have a soft and moist texture and the flesh of this fruit is easily eaten in the mouth. As we mentioned before, it is one of the best types of dates in Jiroft city, due to its quality, it has been able to fascinate many enthusiasts. Kaloote dates are an example of almost wet date cultivars and have a lot of nectar and juice. This date, like Mazafati dates, has the potential to find a good place among date consumers. If you are a buyer of date thorns, we suggest you import this type of date into your country. This date can have a great sale for you due to its good taste.

When does the sale of Kaloote dates reach its peak?

The peak of sales of these dates in Iran is during the holy month of Ramadan. This date contains a lot of energy that can be used as an energy source for fasting people. And due to high demand this month, the selling price of these dates reaches the highest possible level in the holy month. But in other seasons of the year, it has a lower and cheaper price, which is also significant. If you, as a foreign buyer, have the mansion to buy this type of date, the best time is a few months before Ramadan. Why? Because not only can you get a quality type of this date at a lower price, but you can also experience good sales during Ramadan. As you know, Islam is the second most popular religion in the world. Wherever you live in the world, there are probably many Muslims who buy this type of date during the holy month of Ramadan. As a conclusion, we introduce the best time for traders to buy Kaloote dates a few months before Ramadan.

Why can this date be included in our daily diet as a useful snack?

Today, with the development of societies and the preoccupation of people with the problems of life as well as the increase of working hours during the day, many may not use proper snacks. But it is interesting to know that Kaloote dates are a very suitable snack to absorb energy and also have enough power to continue throughout the day. Because this date has a lot of meat and also has many minerals and organic matter in it. This is what causes the consumer to receive a lot of energy and materials.

The sugar in this type of date is fructose and can last longer than glucose. This type of sugar is also less harmful for diabetics. One of the highlights of fructose sugars over glucose sugars is that they are a weaker stimulant for people with a history of diabetes. This means that they are less likely to develop diabetes than glucose sugars. As a result, dates can be used as a very good substitute for sugar along with tea.