Kabkab Dates

kabkab dates

Kabkab dates

Kabkab dates are one of the familiar and well-known names of Iranian dates, which has an excellent reputation and popularity among date consumers.

This date, which is also considered an export date of Iran, has two types of consumption: khark and rotab.

When the kebab is fully ripe, it has a dark brown color. Its color is yellowish at the time of Rotab and Khark.

Dates are generally eaten raw. This kind of date is oval and is considered one of the semi-dry or wet dates in Iran.

The production of this type of date belongs to Bushehr province. The third-largest producer of kabkab in Iran is Bushehr province, which accounts for about 15% of total date production in Iran.

It has skin attached to the fruit, and the sweetness is not too much and nasty. This product can be harvested in the form of Khark in early August, but if you want to pick it fully ripe, you must be patient until early or mid-September.

The weight of each kabkab is about 15 grams. If you have harvested Khark, you must cook it before consumption; otherwise, it cannot be used.

Kabkab dates are more or less cultivated in Iran’s data-rich regions, but these dates’ primary source should be considered Kazerun or Borazjan.

However, high-quality of this type of date can be harvested in Behbahan, Khormoj, Kazerun, Qirokarzin, Tabas, Borazjan, Tangestan, and some other areas.

This date is one of the essential types of Iranian dates in a superior position in economy and export.

Every year, Iran sells many of these dates to neighboring countries, the United States, Europe, and Africa.

One of the most important companies in the production, packaging, and sale of these dates, which operates under the highest standards of packaging and sale of export dates in Iran, is Raimonco Company, which always has the highest quality dates in Iran and demanding countries distribute this type of date.

Undoubtedly, Bushehr province, with the production of more than 80% of these dates in Iran, has a vital role in producing this type of date in Iran and worldwide. This date is sweet, large, and has thick skin attached to the fruit.

The amount of date meat in the kernel is estimated at 25.9%. The core and cap of this date are also attached to the date meat.

This date is one of the most critical, valuable, and abundant types of Iranian dates and has many productions.

Dates eventually turn dark brown or dark red after growing. The final moisture content of this date is less than 19%. The final shape of this date is oval. It should be said that this product is a variety of soft dates.


Export of Kabkab dates

Behbahan kabkab is famous for export, and many people prefer these Behbahan dates to other places. Dates produced in Iran have many fans and are very popular around the world.

This popularity is the high quality, perfect taste, and reasonable price of dates. kabkab date has an affordable price due to its high production, which attracts many customers.

This date in Bushehr province has the highest production rank among the dates, which is about 75%. The production of kebab dates in Iran is about 250,000 tons per year, and about 10% is exported.

Properties of dates

Dates are a great source of iron and minerals useful for the body.

Iranian dates are one of the best dates in the world.

In general, the following properties can be enumerated for kabkab date:

  • It has much energy and restores the lost power to the body
  • Have plenty of magnesium and suitable for weight loss
  • Have plenty of iron and ideal for people with anemia and cardiovascular problems
  • Contains much calcium and is ideal for ossification and bone structure
  • It has many antioxidants and is a perfect factor in preventing cancer
  • Suitable fiber for people with digestive problems and constipation.
  • Recommended for people with seasonal allergies due to their anti-allergic properties.
  • Vitamin C on this date is very suitable for people who have a cold.
  • These dates are rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2, Etc., which are useful for body health and eyesight.
  • High nutritional value to provide the body with physical strength and eliminate weakness and lethargy
  • An excellent nutrient as a sedative due to its high magnesium content
  • Laxative for people with severe constipation
  • In traditional medicine, it is recommended to eat kabkab date with fenugreek to eliminate bladder stones, and it is better to eat it brewed.
  • High in folic acid and iron, which is an excellent supplement for people with anemia.


Kabkab dates are one of the most valuable dates in Iran in terms of food and economy. This date can be easily stored due to its semi-dry nature. However, it is recommended to reduce the storage time in warehouses, especially if it does not have the necessary conditions.

Usually, this type of date’s texture is large, but the best and most extensive varieties of kabkab are harvested in Dashtestan. Although Behbahan dates are produced with high quality, their surface is a little smaller.

This date is usually classified according to the size of the date, time of harvest, place of harvest, and appearance of the date.


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