Iran apple price in Pakistan

iran apple price in pakistan

Iran apple price in Pakistan

One of the potentials in the market of Iranian agricultural products is the export of apples to other countries’ markets and fruit fields, especially Iran’s neighboring countries, which are close to Iran in terms of distance. But Russia, Iraq, and Pakistan import more Iranian apples than other countries, and these countries are a great market for Iranian apple exports, and the Iran apple price in Pakistan and other countries is reasonable.

Urmia, Maragheh, Miyaneh, Semirom and Damavand apples are all exported from Iran. Neighboring countries are customers of Iranian exports of apples.

Indeed, many foreign buyers who buy Iranian apples from different countries, such as Pakistan, pay special attention to the best apples in Iran.

Because buying these products is very important and products that have the standards are always selected.

Iran apple fruit must have smooth, light skin and clear color. It must also be firm and without blemishes.

On the other hand, apple aroma is used as an essential parameter in determining apples’ quality.

Raimonco exports apples to various countries, including Pakistan, and can contact our consultants to export apples to Pakistan.


Export of apple trees to Pakistan

One of the most demanded markets for apple exports from Iran is Pakistan. Iranian export apples are very popular in the markets of neighboring countries.

Pakistan does not have favorable conditions for growing fresh apples.

With proper marketing and principled negotiation, exporting apple trees to Pakistan in large volumes can be done.

Keep in mind that the export of apples to Pakistan has its principles and rules.

Iran apple price in Pakistan

Pakistani traders are susceptible to buying fresh fruits and vegetables from Iran and check the shipment to make sure the fruits are in good condition in terms of appearance and health.

Prices and shipping methods are essential in exporting apple trees to Pakistan. The purchase price of export apples mainly from the farmer is lower for the seller.

By calculating a small profit and determining the Iran apple price in Pakistan, export cargo to Pakistan can be determined.

The apples you choose to export to Pakistan should be the same size. The outer surface of the apple should not have any stains, bumps, or dents, and most importantly, no chemicals or contaminants should be used to grow the apples.

The taste of apple trees is vital for Pakistani buyers. If you pick the fruits from the tree in the right season, you will have the best apples to export.

There is a crucial point in exporting Iran apple fruit to Pakistan, which is land transportation.

Containers selected to transport apples for export to Pakistan must be equipped with refrigerators to store fruits and vegetables to regulate temperature conditions. Transportation from Iran to Pakistan does not take long.

The situation of apple exports to Pakistan in recent years has been very positive and satisfactory. Reducing stricter rules at Iranian or Pakistani customs will help simplify the export process.


Benefits of Iran apple fruit

Apple is a fruit rich in vitamins A, B, C, and potassium, which help treat or prevent many diseases. The critical properties of apples are as follows:

  • It prevents dry skin and keeps the skin fresh.
  • Apples prevent various types of cancer.
  • Lowering high blood pressure and regulating blood pressure.
  • It eliminates bad breath and strengthens the health of teeth and gums.
  • Apples lower blood sugar.
  • Prevention of gout and joint pain.
  • Apples are one of the few foods that are entirely cholesterol-free and help lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • Eating apples helps digestion.

Types of Iranian apples for export

Red, green, and yellow apples are among the exported apples to different countries and have many fans.

Exported apples are divided into different grades, including excellent, 1, 2, and 3, which are of excellent quality and first-class, and this issue determines the Iran apple price in Pakistan.

Iran apple fruit exports worldwide have something to say, and there is a lot of demand for it in global markets, and sales are excellent.

Good apples and export specifications: The skin is firm, smooth and clear, and without blemishes, and has a pleasant taste and smell. One of the important points in exporting apples is its principled packaging.

The best apple-producing cities

Most provinces of our country can produce apples, and in Iran, apple fruit is mass-produced and sold throughout Iran.

The most important apple-producing cities are:

  • Maragheh
  • Damavand
  • Semirom
  • Miyaneh
  • Oshnoyeh
  • Urmia
  • Kurdistan


The apple of Urmia

Urmia is one of the most important red apple-producing cities in the country. The price of Iran apple price in Pakistan and especially the price of Urmia apples depends on countless cases.

Urmia red apple is one of the best quality apples produced in Iran. Each ton of red apple price in Urmia is determined according to its consumption and domestic or export distribution.

Urmia apple is especially popular among the residents of different cities of the country. Urmia apple also has good sales in the Iranian apple market. Urmia supplies about 30% of the red apple production in the country.

The best red apple in Urmia

Red apple that is produced in the city of Urmia is very transparent and first-class. Its quality and taste are interesting for consumers.

Because of the high quality of this fruit, different countries will welcome accept the bulk purchase of Urmia apples.

There are different types of Urmia apples. You may have come across these types of Iran apple fruit in the market or bought them.

The predominant cultivars of apple trees in West Azerbaijan province, especially Urmia, are various Lebanese yellow and red apples called Golden and Red apples. Other types of apples in Urmia and this province include Gran Smith, Red Starking, and Gala apples.

Each of these apples is grown in different conditions. There are many orchards in the province of West Azerbaijan in the field of apple production.

If you are looking for the Iran apple price in Pakistan and order your products from a thriving center in international trade, please contact us.

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