Iran dates price in Pakistan

Iran dates price in Pakistan

Iran is known as one of the largest producers of dates globally, which has a very high potential in the field of date exports. dates exporters in Iran are very active and make Iran the third largest exporter of dates globally. Iran dates price in Pakistan are always reasonable and Iranian dates in Pakistan have many fans.

The most important economic indicators of countries depend on exports, and Iran is trying to improve these indicators by using the potential of date export companies and relying on Iran’s high share of production in the field of dates.

Dates are one of the agricultural export products of Iran, which has a significant income and currency exchange. In general, this agricultural product is in the group of five major export products of the country to other parts of the world.

This article intends to examine the export of dates, Iran date exporters, types of dates exported from Iran, Iran dates price in Pakistan, and ship this product to other countries and countries receiving Iranian dates.


Iranian dates are exported to 52 countries:

In general, Iranian dates are exported to 52 countries globally and bring high profits to the country. The export of this product has 17% of the world market share, and Iran is considered one of the world’s major exporters.

After Iran, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are active in this field.

The export of dates is an important part of the country’s foreign exchange earnings, but in the meantime, some types of dates have been able to be more popular than other types of dates, such as Mazafati, Zahedi, Piarom, Kabkab, and piarom dates.

The best types of dates are Piarom dates, Mazafati dates, and Zahedi dates, which have been able to account for a significant amount of dates in the field of date exports.

Iran dates price in Pakistan varies based on the type of date, and for information about the cost of dates, contact the consultants of the Raimonco team.

Most of the production and cultivation of dates is done in Khuzestan, Fars, Hormozgan, Kerman, Bushehr, Sistan, and Baluchestan provinces, which according to the climate of each area and according to their geographical conditions, each of them is engaged in cultivating a specific type of date in Iran.

And most Iran dates exporters also buy high-quality export dates in the same areas.

In the following, we will review some models of dates that are exported to different countries around the world, including Pakistan.


Export Mazafati dates 

Mazafati dates , which are known as Bam Mazafati dates, are cultivated in Bam city in Kerman province and the cities of this province. Bam Mazafati dates are the most produced dates in Iran for export.

This product has features such as having a soft texture. It has medium-sized, and its humidity is 20%, it has black skin and a very pleasant taste, and it has been able to gain a good position in the export of this product.


Export Kabkab dates

Another type of Iranian date export is Kabkab dates. This kind of date is widely cultivated in the Dashtestan of Bushehr province. This date is also grown in the Fars province.

Kabkab dates are the best types of dates for direct consumption and industrial use in the food industry.

Bushehr Kabkab is very market-friendly in terms of exports and has been able to meet with public success in Russia, India, and Pakistan, and a large number of Iran dates exporters are interested in exporting this product.

Iran dates price in Pakistan, specially kabkab dates are suitable, so Iranian dates have many fans.

Kabkab dates are large in size, and their texture is soft and sweet. The moisture content of this type of date is 18%, and its taste is very attractive.

This type of Iranian date has a light brown color, and its juice is very high. These factors have made it able to account for a large volume of date exports.

Iranian Piarom dates

Iranian Piarom dates

Piarom or Maryami export dates

Piarom dates are the best and most expensive types of dates for export in Iran. This date is widely cultivated and exploited in Hormozgan province and the Hajiabad region of this province and is considered the best date in Iran to other parts of the world.

The size of this date is medium to large, it has a brown color, and its moisture content is about 15%. This type of export date is classified as semi-dry dates. It has thin and wrinkled skin and is very suitable for people and diabetics.

Iran dates exporters are very interested in exporting this type of date because Piarom dates have many fans worldwide.


Export Zahedi dates

This date also has a high export value and is cultivated and exploited in Bushehr and Fars provinces. These types of Iranian dates are one of the dried dates. Its color is yellowish-brown, and it has high sugar content.

The special customers of this product are Middle Eastern countries, India and Pakistan.

As mentioned, Iran dates price in Pakistan is variable, and Zahedi dates also have reasonable prices in this country.

Iran dates exporters to Pakistan

Export of dates to Pakistan is an important part of the foreign market of Iranian dates. For several years, date exporters in Iran have been exporting large quantities of dates to this country.

As one of Iran dates exporters, Raimonco annually exports dates to Pakistan.

Pakistan is a Muslim country in the eastern neighborhood of our country, which shares a border with Sistan and Baluchestan province.

It is connected to the Oman Sea and has a thousand kilometers of water border. It is one of the most populous Muslim countries and even in the world.

With a population of more than 200 million, Pakistan is a good option for exporting Iranian products. One of the most important reasons for exporting dates to that population is the high population and the fact that the people of this country are Muslims.

Mazafati dates and Zahedi dates have the highest percentage of exports among all types of dates exported to Pakistan, and it can be said that these two types of dates have attracted many fans in this country due to their high quality and unique taste. Therefore, date exporters in Iran are more interested in exporting these dates.


Iran dates price in Pakistan

The price of Iranian export dates depends on many factors, including the type of date, quality of dates, and it can be said that the main reasons for determining the price. As we mentioned before, Piarom and Mazafati dates are the most expensive types of Iranian dates.

Raimonco as one of the best Iran dates exporters, exports all kinds of Iranian dates to different countries around the world. You can contact our consultants for more information about Iran dates price in Pakistan and other Raimonco products.

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