Mazafati dates importers to India

Mazafati dates importers to India

Mazafati dates importers to India

These days, the trade level of our country with other countries in the international level has decreased due to sanctions, and the best type of dates are exchanged between Iranian and Indian traders, which has made dates Iran’s export products to India, and Raimonco as a Mazafati dates importers to India anually import larg amount of dates to ithis country.

Nowadays, export of mazafati dates to India is one of the most important ways of economic exchange between Iran and India. One of the countries that has had a friendly and close trade relationship with Iran since ancient times is India.

The products of Iran and India each have a special place and popularity in the opposite country. In fact, we can say that Iran and India are commercial partners to each other.

Mazafati dates importers to India

Given that the people of India are mostly vegetarians, it can be said that India is one of the largest importers of dates in the world, as mentioned, one of the reasons that can be considered the vegetarian population of this country.

the second reason It can be attributed to the high population of this country and also the fact that the majority of Indians die as Muslims. The highest amount of trade and import of mazafati dates in the country is related to the month of Ramadan.

But in this regard, we can not be satisfied with just the above, because Mazafati dates have many nutritional and medicinal properties, which can be said that the main reason for the date trade in India is related to the properties of dates.

Because dates are one of the most important And the most effective fruits in the diet plan that if consumed with a plan and at the right level can be effective in fitness and maintaining your energy during the diet at a high level and ates are also useful for treating many diseases.

India is one of the largest buyers of dates in Iran. According to the announced statistics, this country has had the highest profit among the countries that buy Iranian dates so far.

India has a population of 1.4 billion and a population of nearly 200 million Muslims, so it has a lot of potential for export and Iranian dates are very popular among the people of this country.

Mumbai, as the capital of India alone, has a population of 25 million, so export of mazafati dates or other dates to India can be very lucrative.

Factors that have increased the Mazafati dates importers to India include the high quality of Iranian dates, the global popularity of Iranian dates, as well as the country’s proximity to Iran by sea.

Mazafati dates have the highest amount and Pyaram dates have the lowest amount among the types of dates exported to this country. Observing and paying attention to many principles such as the quality of dates, how to pack and present it can have a great impact on the purchase of dates.


Export mazafati dates to India

Raimonco is one of the most successful companies in the field of exporting dates, including Mazafati dates to India, and the reason for this success was the complete knowledge of export laws and attending most food fairs.

As you know, India is not in a high economic position and can not afford expensive food, so dates are one of the most popular and cheap foods that have many fans.

Mazafati dates in India are known as Kimia dates and Pyaram dates are known as Maryam dates. Raimonco is one of the largest and most successful companies in the field of export and distribution of dates, which has been able to export its products to other countries besides India.

Today, many traders and importers prefer to buy the dates they need from Iran due to the special conditions of trade with Iran.

export of mazafati dates in India

In India, Mazafati dates called Kimia dates are also bought, which has the largest volume of Iranian dates among the types of dates. Rotab Mazafati is another name for Mazafati dates. This type of date has a special and delicious taste, which is why it has many fans.

Mazafati dates are a native product of Bam city of Kerman province. Annually, Mazafati dates importers to India, import  a large amount of these dates to India, and the people of this country have a special interest in this type of dates.

Mazafati dates are also the most consumed in Iran and are very lovable and can be found in every home. Mazafati dates are packaged and presented in different qualities and are offered in the market at different prices.

The highest price of dates is the first-class Mazafati type and it is also of high quality, so many traders intend to buy these dates.

Raimonco company has been able to supply a large volume of Mazafati dates with the best quality and in the most stylish packaging to the world market by taking special measures and providing suitable storage places such as refrigerators.


Features of Mazafati dates

Mazafati should be considered one of the most popular and delicious types of dates in the world. The quality of this product can not be compared with other types of wet and dry dates, and therefore this type of dates are usually used more for export.

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Another feature of this fruit is its high moisture content. mazafati dates can be stored outdoors, but it is better to keep in the refrigerator and take it out of the refrigerator about 3 hours before consumption.

Due to its unique taste, the popularity of this date as well as the number of Mazafati dates importers to India is increasing every year.

Properties of Mazafati dates

Mazafati should be considered a useful food and it has many wonderful properties. The properties and the nutritional value of this date are so high that even in the Holy Quran it is mentioned many times and dates are mentioned as a heavenly fruit.

It is great to now that date has been used as food for many years in India as well as the Middle East.


The most important properties of the above product are as follows:

  • This fruit is useful for lowering cholesterol and treating constipation and diarrhea.
  • Mazafati dates are considered useful for reducing bone pain.
  • This type of date is known as a youth elixir and should be considered beneficial for skin and hair.
  • This fruit provides the vitamin C needed by the body.
  • Eating this fruit on an empty stomach eliminates stomach worms.
  • Finally, this date should be considered very useful for heart problems, effective in treating insomnia, insomnia and anemia.

For more information about Mazafati dates importers to India, contact with our consultants.

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