Iranian dates UK

Iranian dates UK

Iranian dates UK

To which countries are Iranian dates exported? Do you know the types of Iranian dates UK?

Do you know what packaging each of them is exported to foreign countries?

This product is one of the natural and organic products, and with its many properties, it has been able to replace many unnatural products.

Iran, like other countries in the world, has export products that are monopolized by this country. Iranian dates are ranked second among the countries in the world in terms of production.


Export Iranian dates to other countries

As mentioned above, Iran is the second-largest producer of dates in the world after Egypt. Due to the amount of production in this country, the ability to export dates to most countries in the world is possible.

Note that dates have the potential to be exported to all parts of the world.


Export dates to UK

The United Kingdom is one of the target countries for the export of Iranian dates. This country imports luxury dates from Iran.

Iranian dates are sent to this country by the Raimonco company after stylish packaging.


Iranian dates

With 240,000 hectares of date cultivation area and annual production of more than one million tons, Iran is known as the second-largest producer of this product after Egypt.

After Iran, UAE, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iraq are the most important producers of dates globally.


The most important Iranian dates Uk

Historical documents written about 200 years ago mention 25 cultivars of palm trees cultivated around the city of Khorramshahr.

Statistics show that over 3,000 varieties of dates are known globally, and most of them belong to Iran (400 types of dates).

Most Iranian dates are in 6 provinces of Khuzestan, Hormozgan, Kerman, Bushehr, Fars and Sistan, and Baluchestan.

The best Iranian dates Uk are as follows:


Piarom dates

Piarom dates are one of the export dates to UK because these dates are so delicious.

Piarom dates are one of the first-class dates considered an amazing variety of export dates due to their good quality and high marketability.

These dates have been able to attract the attention of global markets.

Iranian Piarom dates


Features of Piarom dates

The skin of Piarom dates is dark brown. The sugar in this date is fructose, it is used quickly in metabolism, and those who have consumed this date, due to its delicious taste, and beautiful appearance.

Iranian dates Uk, such as Piarom dates, are rich in proteins, sugars, and have a high nutritional value.


Mazafati dates

Mazafati date is one of the best types of dates in Iran, which has more than half of Iran’s date production.

Mazafati dates have a higher moisture content than other types of dates, which has led to their unique taste.

The highest domestic consumption of dates in the central and northern regions of the country is Mazafati dates, which has a high demand in the market.

Mazafati dates are produced in areas such as Kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan provinces and these areas have a major share in the country’s date production.

The cities of Bam, Jiroft and Saravan, are the most important centers for Mazafati dates.

To buy Bam Mazafati dates, you can register your order on the website.

Then wait for the site experts to contact you to complete the purchase process, including shipping and payment method for ordering the product.

Kabkab dates

kabkab dates

Export dates to UK like Kabkab dates are the most important dates in Kazerun and Dashtestan (Borazjan). This date is widely cultivated in other regions such as Khormuj, Behbahan, Kazerun, Qirokarzin, Tabas, Tangestan and Farashband.

Dashtestan kabkab and Bhabhan dates are usually famous, and many people prefer kabkab dates from these two regions.

This date has always been widely consumed in the country due to its reasonable price and excellent taste, and in recent years its consumption has increased more than before.

Zahedi dates

Zahedi date is one of the most prestigious dates for export in Iran. Zahedi dates have an oval shape. This date is eaten semi-dry and has a yellow color.

In general, Zahedi dates should be considered dried dates.

Zahedi date has a light brown color. Zahedi dates are one of the dates exported to Africa, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.


Properties of Iranian dates Uk (Zahedi dates)

Zahedi dates have many vitamins, including vitamins C, B1, B2 and …

These dates have extremely high minerals, including magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese, calcium, and….

Zahedi dates are rich in fiber, so people with digestive problems are better to consume them.

This date controls and reduces harmful cholesterol in the blood and Highly recommended for heart health.

It has very few calories.

Calcium in Zahedi dates is very high and is very useful for bones.

This potassium in export dates to UK is very useful for relieving fatigue and muscle pain, especially after strenuous exercise.


Rabbi dates

The most important dates in Sistan and Baluchestan region are Rabi dates.

In terms of economic, it is important in this region. In general, Rabi dates belong to different regions of Sistan and Baluchestan province.

It is often planted in the cities of Zabol, Saravan, Chabahar, and Iranshahr.

Pakistan dates are known as one of the main types of dates in Iran. This date is known as the most important dates in Iran and other dates such as piarom dates, kabkab dates, or Mazafati dates.

Kaloote dates

This date is initially red in color. These dates have good quality and are very important dates in terms of trade.

Due to the high quality and relatively reasonable price, this date has always had a suitable domestic and international market, and this is one of the most important export figures of Iranian dates UK.

This date was offered to the consumer market in different packages or bulk, and the most important point in presenting and supplying this date is the appropriate quality of this species.

For more details about Iranian dates Uk, Raimonco is here to help you choose the best dates.

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