Import dates from Iran to Russia

Import dates from Iran to Russia

Dates are one of Iran’s high-quality products, and one of the common activities in Iranian trade is the export of dates to neighboring countries, including Russia, and they annually Import dates from Iran to Russia.

Russia has severe restrictions on the production of many foods and consumer goods because it does not have a favorable situation in terms of arable land and suitable climate; In this regard, Russia has the necessary resources to import the required goods due to its appropriate economic structure.

As a result, it is a good opportunity for neighboring countries to take advantage of this opportunity to profit and improve the scope of their business.

In this article, we examine the reason for the increase in the consumption of dates in Russia and its effects on the export of dates from Iran to Russia.

With a population of over 144 million people, Russia is one of the continents of Europe and one of the countries dependent on food imports, which annually imports and consumes many of its food from other countries.

Due to the unique properties of dates, the Russian people have a good demand for dates; Consumption of dates in Russia is higher than the global average consumption of dates.

Of course, you should know that another reason for using and increasing the consumption of dates in Russia is the existence of 26 million Muslims in Russia.

And export dates to Russia are one of the options that can be used as a golden opportunity to achieve business goals.



All kinds of Import dates from Iran to Russia

Dates produced in different regions are divided into several types based on other features; four are the most popular among Iranian date importers.


Zahedi dates

Zahedi dates are among the semi-dry dates that have a sweet taste and have smooth and shiny skin. This date has a yellowish golden color, and its color has caused many people to use it.

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Zahedi dates are full of juice, and it is used for cooking and various food purposes. This date was harvested at the end of the date growing period, and because it has a chic appearance, it is an extraordinary souvenir and one of Iran’s export dates to Russia.

Zahedi dates have been used as excellent food storage in seasons when food products are scarce and have been one of Bushehr’s popular dates since the past.

Kabkab dates

Kabkab dates are one of Bushehr’s most famous and best-selling souvenirs that are exported to many countries. This date has a dark brown color, and its oval core is known for its high adhesion to the fruit.

Among the properties of kabkab, dates are anti-cancer, improvement of hearing, vision, treatment of low back pain, improvement of joint pain, improvement of chest pain, and treatment of lung problems.

This date is one of the best Iranian dates that consumes the body’s necessary energy during the day. Kabkab dates attract many insects, so keep them in a cool place away from insects.

This product is a great dietary supplement for quenching thirst, a huge source of iron and minerals useful for the body. It is worth mentioning that consuming kabkab dates is not harmful to people with high blood pressure.


Import dates from Iran to Russia include Piarom dates

Piarom dates are one of the most luxurious and expensive dates in Iran, planted in the mountainous areas of Bushehr. This meaty and semi-dry date has a moisture content of 15% and is usually harvested at the beginning of autumn.

Piarom dates are known as date chocolates in world markets due to their unique taste and shape and are very popular. These dates are rich in protein and other minerals and have a very high nutritional value.

Piarom dates also contain large amounts of fiber. Fiber is an element that is very useful for the digestive system and is necessary for the body’s health. It is worth noting that these dates are also an excellent source of potassium and are ideal for preventing high blood pressure.

People with weak nerves and mental problems strengthen their nerves by consuming these dates. Another property of Piarom dates is that it has much magnesium and is effective for muscles. Finally, you need to know that consuming these dates is not a problem for people with diabetes.


Export dates to Russia like Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates are one of Bushehr’s and all of Iran’s best dates, one of the most important and famous dates. This date is grown especially in Khuzestan province and is one of the most valuable and delicious dates in Iran and the world.

Due to its high quality, Mazafati dates have attracted many people’s attention and interest and annually import dates from Iran to Russia in a large volume.

Unlike many dates, Mazafati dates are not dry products, and their storage conditions are in the temperature range of five degrees Celsius.

Although most dates can be stored at different temperatures, but based on our experience, we recommend that you keep Bam dates in the refrigerator away from the sun.

Because being in these conditions reduces the storage time of the product and changes its taste. Mazafati dates are harvested in late summer, and the skin is very black, shiny, thin, and smooth.

Rotab Mazafati is also produced in Bam, and this city has a long history in the field of wholesale production of this type of date. Bushehr’s Mazafati dates are used to prepare nectar, natural sugar, liquid sugar, various foods and sweets, chipboard, industrial alcohol, chocolate, Etc.

The best dates in Bushehr are the same dates and are very famous in Iran and the world.

Currently, the largest amount of dates exported to Russia is related to Mazafati dates, and these dates have many fans in this country.

Zahedi dates of Iran are exported to Russia for industrial and alcoholic industries, most of which are exported to Russia after export to Pakistan and change of packaging or brand.

A small percentage of export dates to Russia also include kabkab dates.

The times of increasing demand for export dates can be considered as a few days left to the holy month of Ramadan and during the month of Ramadan because, during this period, there is a significant increase in the demand for dates from countries such as Russia.

To know the details of import dates from Iran and know the prices of all types of export dates, you can get advice from our Raimonco company experts.

This product’s high quality has led to import dates from Iran to Russia and dozens of European and Asian countries.

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