Import Dates from Iran to India

Dates factory in Iran

Import Dates from Iran to India

Import of dates from Iran to India is done every year in high tonnage in Raimonco company.

With a population of 1.3 billion, India is the second-most populous country in the world after China.

The large population of India has made this country one of the most prosperous markets in Asia.

Annually, very large quantities of goods are exported from Iran to India. The most important of them is the export of pistachios to India and the export of dates to India.

With more than 200 million Muslims, India is one of the major date markets in Asia. Dates imported from Iran to India have many uses during the holy month of Ramadan.

India is the largest buyer of Iranian dates, and very large quantities of Iranian dates are exported to India annually.

The most important dates exported from Iran to India are Mazafati dates, Zahedi dates, Shahani dates and Piarom dates.

Due to the poverty of the Indian people and the use of dates as food, Shahani dates have a very good market in India due to the suitable price.

Nowadays, exporting dates to India is one of the most important ways of economic exchange between Iran and India.

These days, our country’s trade level with other countries has decreased due to sanctions, and the best kind of dates are exchanged between Iranian and Indian traders.


Reasons for trading dates to India

Note that the people of India are mostly vegetarians. It can be said that India is one of the largest importers of dates in the world.

The next reason is that this country’s a high population and most of its people are Muslims.

The next reason is due to the high properties of Iranian dates. Dates have many nutritional and medicinal properties, which can be said that the main reason for the date trade in India is related to dates’ properties.

Dates are one of the most important and effective fruits in the diet plan; if dates are consumed at the right time, they can be effective in fitness and maintaining your energy during the diet at a high level.

The amount of date trade to India

According to statistics, India’s date trade last year was more than 175 million dollars, while Iran was the third-largest exporter of dates to India last year.

According to statistics, Iraq had the highest date exports to India, and India imported more than $ 62 million worth of dates from Iraq last year. After that, UAE ranked second in date exports to India. It has exported about $ 58 million worth of dates to India.

In addition to Iran, Iraq and the UAE also trade dates with other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Oman, and all statistics show India’s high ranking in the date trade, as mentioned earlier.


Import dates from Iran to India

According to the obtained reports and the statistics of date exports to India last year, India’s highest amount of trade and date demand is related to Mazafati dates.

It is necessary to know that the people from India know Mazafati dates as Kimia dates, which means that Mazafati dates are popular as Kimia dates, and the reason for the popularity of this date in India is its unique and delicious taste.

Shahani dates and Piarom dates are also considered export dates.

Import of Mazafati dates to India

Mazafati dates have the highest export volume among Iranian dates.

Mazafati is very popular among consumers of dates due to its special and delicious taste. The people of India also have a special interest in this date, which is a product of Bam city in Kerman province, and every year a high tonnage of this date is consumed among the people of India.

It is interesting to know that in Iran, Mazafati is the most popular date and the most consumed date among Iran’s people.

Mazafati dates have different grades, and this issue causes several prices for this date. First-class Mazafati has the highest price among Mazafati types, and many foreign buyers are also looking to buy the same first-class dates.

Raimonco company, with its refrigerators, is a supplier of Mazafati dates. It can provide the high tonnage of Mazafati with the best quality, the most stylish packaging and the most suitable price to the buyers.

Piarom dates are among the import dates from Iran to India

Piarom dates, which are the most expensive in Iran, are exported to India every year.

The volume of Piarom exports is less than Mazafati, but this date, like Mazafati in India, has gained a good position.

Piarom is also cultivated in the Hormozgan province in Iran. Piarom dates are one of the most luxurious dates in Iran and the world.

One of the features of Piarom is the very unique and nutritious taste of this date.

This date, like Mazafati, has different grades; first-grade Piarom is more expensive than other Piarom dates.

Rabi Dates

This date has a very high nutritional value due to its natural sugar. This property of Rabi dates has made this product a good alternative to sugar.

Therefore, people with high blood sugar can use these Iranian dates. This product’s ingredients are lactose and fructose, and these two elements are rich in natural sugars.

It is also interesting to know that very hot and dry weather is needed to grow Rabi dates, and therefore these dates are planted in the dry parts of Bushehr.

Another advantage of Rabi dates is that they can be stored in any condition. So you do not need a refrigerator to store Rabi dates, and you can use it in dry weather.


Shahani dates

Shahani dates are one of the best-selling and popular import dates from Iran to India, which have a slim appearance and are often seen in light brown color.

Shahani dates have some minerals like iron and magnesium, and the presence of these nutrients makes it possible to regulate the heart rate and have a healthier body by consuming this product.

Many people still think that Shahani dates have high cholesterol and therefore do not consume it. But they are wrong because Shahani dates have very low cholesterol.

This product also has much iron and is very useful for people with anemia. Also, Shahani dates are an excellent remedy for stomach aches due to their high fiber content.

With experience in selling Piarom dates and the history of exporting Iranian dates to India, Raimonco Company can supply all kinds of first-class Piarom in special packages for import to India.

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