Import dates from Iran

Import dates from Iran

Dates are one of Iran’s exported agricultural products known globally, and nowadays, many countries import dates from Iran.

In general, dates are among the five major export products to other parts of the world

Iran is one of the countries where dates are well processed in many regions, including its southeast, and it can be said that Iran is one of the countries that have the best dates.

How many types of Iranian dates have you tasted before? Do you know the most expensive dates in Iran? Did you know that more than 70 types of colorful dates with different properties are cultivated and harvested in Iran?

This article intends to provide information on the export of dates, types of dates exported from Iran, and how to ship this product to other countries and countries that accept Iranian dates.


Which countries import Iranian dates?

In total, Iranian dates are exported to 52 countries. The export of this product has 17% of the world market share, and Iran is considered the largest exporter of this product in the world.

In terms of export dates, after Iran, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are active.

Export of dates is an essential part of Iran’s foreign exchange earnings, but some types of dates available in Iran are more popular than other dates, such as Mazafati dates, kabkab dates, kaloote dates, piarom dates, rabi dates, and zahedi dates.

Most of the production and cultivation of dates are done in Khuzestan, Fars, Hormozgan, Kerman, Bushehr, Sistan, and baluchestan. According to these cities’ geographical conditions, each is engaged in cultivating a specific type of date in Iran.

Types of dates exported from Iran

Fars province is also famous for cultivating Zahedi and kabkab dates. In Hormozgan province, Piarom dates are cultivated, and Mazafati dates are grown in Kerman and Sistan, and Baluchestan provinces. Bushehr province is also renowned for growing kebab dates.


Types of exported dates:


Import dates from Iran include Kabkab dates

Another type of date exported from Iran is kabkab dates. This date is widely cultivated in the Dashtestan region of Bushehr province.

This date is also grown in the Kazerun region of Fars province. Kebab dates are one of the best dates for industrial use in the food industry.

The export of kabkab dates has been considered in many countries and is very important for our country.

Kebab dates have gained many fans in the markets of Russia, India, and Pakistan. Kabkab dates are significant in size, and their texture is soft and sweet. The moisture content of this type of date is 18%, and its taste is delicious.

This type of Iranian date has a light brown color, and due to the deliciousness of this type of date, it has been able to account for a large volume of date exports.


Zahedi dates

zahedi dates

These export dates also have a high export value and are cultivated in Bushehr and Fars provinces. Zahedi date is one of the types of dried dates, its color is yellow and brown, and it has a high amount of sugar. The unique customers of this product are Middle Eastern countries, India and Pakistan.


Mazafati dates

Mazafati should be considered one of the most popular and delicious types of dates in the world. This product’s quality cannot be compared with other types of wet and dry dates.

Although these export dates can be stored outdoors, it is better to keep these dates in the refrigerator and take them out of the fridge about 3 hours before consumption.

This type of date is full of potassium and is therefore known as a helpful remedy for diarrhea. This type of date also has a high amount of iron and natural sugar.

Athletes also usually eat this product to keep their blood sugar from falling.

This date is also helpful for those who do not have lunch to eat during the day due to their busy schedule. So that consuming it both returns the necessary energy to these people and prevents their sugar from falling.

This fruit provides much energy for the body. There are 160 calories in every 100 grams of this date. It is interesting to know that no fruit in this volume can provide such energy.


Piarom dates

Apart from having sugars, import dates from Iran have minerals and proteins. Piarom has a beautiful appearance with thin skin and dark brown color. Piarom is the most expensive date in Iran.

Many consider it the first grade and best date in the world. Piarom type of sugar is fructose, and therefore it has easy metabolism, and this issue should be considered one of the main reasons for its popularity.

It is better to keep these dates in cool environments away from moisture. Therefore, by providing the best conditions for storage, storage, and then separation and packaging of Piarom dates, Raimonco Company has taken a big step towards customer satisfaction and preserve this valuable product as much as possible.


Kaloote dates

Kaloote dates are considered as wet dates of Iran. This date is cultivated in the Jiroft area in Kerman province.

This fruit is initially red in color and is very similar in shape to Mazafati dates.

Due to the high quality and relatively reasonable price, this date has always had a suitable domestic and international market.

It is one of the most crucial export figures of Iranian dates.

This date’s size varies between 2 to 4 cm depending on the type of date, but in general, the humidity ranges between 13% to 23%.


Medicinal properties and nutritional value of import dates from Iran

In addition to their high nutritional value, Iranian dates have numerous healing properties, including cancer prevention, osteoporosis, digestive problems, and other problems.

Consuming two to three dates a day will provide an essential part of the body’s daily needs for sugar, fat, protein, and vitamins.

It is recommended for anemia because Iranian dates are high in iron.

Date potassium is beneficial for relieving muscle fatigue and pain, especially after strenuous exercise.

Export dates from Iran have many vitamins, including vitamins C, B1, B2, which are very useful for healing the body.

Iranian dates are rich in fiber, so people who have digestive problems need to use Persian dates to prevent constipation and facilitate digestion.

The sugar in dates is fructose, which not only does not cause blood sugar but is also effective for weight loss.

Too much manganese in Iranian dates is very useful for relaxation.

Dates are low in calories, which eliminates harmful cholesterol. By removing cholesterol from the arteries, it is effective in maintaining heart health.

The protein in dates increases muscle mass and physical strength and promotes bone health.

To know the details of import dates from Iran and know the prices of all types of export dates, you can get advice from our Raimonco company experts.

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