How to identify original Kimia dates

How to identify original Kimia dates

How to identify original Kimia dates

How to identify the original Kimia dates has become an essential question for buyers of these dates.

The quality of various food products, including dates, is one of the most influential and significant parameters in gaining customer satisfaction and determining its price in the market.

Determining the quality of dates before consumption is done using various laboratory methods, and multiple parameters such as taste, the appearance of fruit, cleanliness, and health of the product are tested. Join us to identify quality Kimia dates.

Kimia date is one of the best and delicious types of Iranian dates. The color of this fruit is brown to black. Of course, there are different types of Kimia dates, but it is also called “Mazafati date,” but in some countries, such as India, this date is called Kimia date.

The moisture content of dates depends on the time of harvest and where they grow. This type of date is planted in the southern regions of Iran.

Kimia dates offer you the most famous and delicious types of dates, usually used as “Rotab.”

Iran exports types of Kimia dates worldwide, including the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, India, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Europe, and other countries.

Features of original and high-quality Kimia dates

Product size, tissue health, color, crushing, sourness, worm corrosion, sugaring, and the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, increasing the process of spoilage, and loss of freshness and health of the product, are the most critical features of Kimia dates.

These dates will be examined and determined before the product is packaged and offered to the consumer market.


How to identify original Kimia dates with high quality

First of all, it should be noted that dates are a moist and juice-rich fruit found in southern Iran. Therefore, the uptake of microbial contamination through winds in desert areas is one of the most important reasons for increasing the risk of microbial and bacterial contamination and yeasts’ growth that promote the fermentation process in this product.

It is recommended to consider the packaging and supply of this product to buy and consume high-quality, fresh types of Kimia dates.


Features of poor quality dates

In general, the signs and ways of distinguishing low-quality dates from fresh dates are entirely different depending on the type of date and its storage conditions. But in general, the symptoms of poor quality of dates can be in several available forms, which we mention below:


  • Sugaring

One of the most critical signs of poor quality dates is sugaring or the so-called formation of colored crystals in the skin structure and flesh of dates. It is the best way, how to identify original Kimia dates.

This deformation does not indicate the date’s spoilage and is only a change of inappropriate nature due to storage at bad temperatures.

  • Microbial spoilage and sourness of dates

Subsequent sourness and microbial spoilage of dates are undesirable features created following the growth of molds, yeasts, and bacteria that cause the fermentation process in types of dates.

In identifying original Kimia dates, when the sugar in dates is converted to acid and produces an unpleasant odor such as vinegar, we understand that these dates are not original dates with high quality.


features of original Bam Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates are one of the high-quality products that are produced in Iran. Bam Mazafati dates have shiny, black, thin skin, smooth, and high juice volume.

Mazafati date produced has a large percentage of potassium and is suitable for reducing muscle pain, treating diarrhea, and improving cardiovascular function.

Mazafati dates have a unique taste and are one of the most important dates for export in Iran. Mazafati dates’ quality is very high, and it is one of the most popular dates in the world.

From the perspective of traditional medicine, the nature of Mazafati dates is quite hot and humid and a suitable type of date for cold-tempered people.


Types of Kimia dates, Piarom dates

In the south of Iran and Hormozgan province, one of the most delicious semi-dried dates is produced in Iran with global fans. Piarom palms are mainly grown in the foothills, and their cultivation is almost organic, and no chemical is used in its production.

The thin skin is dark brown with a chocolate appearance. For this reason, Piarom dates are also known as chocolate dates.

This date is trendy in domestic and foreign markets due to its dryness and long shelf life. Hajiabad city is considered the best Piarom cultivation area in Iran due to its hot and dry climate.

How to identify original Kimia dates of Zahedi

Zahedi date is one of the best dates among all Iranian dates, and this date is golden and oval and has a soft texture and nutty taste.

Zahedi dates have thick skin, are semi-dry, and have less sweetness than other dates. Zahedi date is widely cultivated in the southern regions of Iran.

Because these dates are accessible to transport and store, they are very well-known among date traders.


Kabkab dates

Kebab dates, one of the best types of dates, are obtained in Behbahan and are full of juice and have a unique taste.

This date is one of the most economical dates and has a dark brown color. One of this date’s capabilities is the oval and elongated kernel and the high degree of adhesion of the fruit’s seed.


Shahani dates

Shahani is one of the best types of Kimia dates, and it is called with different names such as Shoni, and Khorak is other names of this type of date. This type of date is harvested in Jahrom.

Shahani dates are charming and colorful. Shahani date has a moist and soft texture and is used to prepare various date juice types.



Tips you need to know about buying original dates

The first recommendation is that if you are new to this field, go to reputable export companies so that you can prepare high-quality dates. Because it is not known under what conditions these dates were cultivated and transported.

For this reason, it is better to ask experienced and reputable companies to prepare Kimia dates.

Raimonco, one of the most experienced companies in How to identify original Kimia dates, provides the best dates, including Kimia dates, to customers around the world.

For more information and buy Kimia dates, get in touch with our consultants.

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