Iran apple price in India

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Iran apple price in India

Apple exports to India have been booming for several years, and Iran has always exported apples to almost all countries in the world. Also, Iran apple price in India is very favorable.

This delicious fruit grows all over the world and has many varieties depending on the place of cultivation.

the main birthplace of apples is in Central Asia and also Apples were harvested in many European countries and America.

Today, Urmia apple is exported to more than 15 countries.

Most of the countries that are looking to buy apples are Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Britain, and other countries.

Arab countries such as the UAE and Dubai are very good customers of Iranian apples. Exporting countries believe that Iranian apples have the best quality.

They also know that apple fruit is grown and packaged by gardeners in mechanized and correct methods.

Apple is one of Iran’s agricultural products and is suitable for export to neighboring countries and other countries.

Customers need to be sure of the health of their fruits. Apples are one of the least risky agricultural products for export.

Some areas in Iran are known for growing red and yellow (golden) apples. For example, Urmia, Maragheh, Damavand, Miyaneh, and Semirom.

These regions annually can produce a significant amount of apples for export, and a large percentage of the market needs in different countries are met by farmers in this region.

In addition to these areas, gardeners in other cities also produce quality apples for export.

Mostly, Iranian red and yellow apples are suitable for export to Pakistan, Russia, India, Oman, Qatar, and other countries that import fruits from Iran.

Exports and sales of apples are constantly increasing. This has made farmers more motivated to produce quality apples.


Export of red apples to India and Iran apple price in India

Denakuh has a fruit called red gold in semirom. When it comes to selling red apples, people familiar with the Danakuh-Semirom area and remember the red apple.

In addition to Semirom, other cities in Iran such as Damavand and Urmia, Miyaneh, and Maragheh also produce red gold.

India, Russia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are buyers of Iranian red apples for export.

The weight of apples plays an important role in buying and selling red apples for export.

If you have ever exported this fruit to different countries, you know very well that each country imports a certain weight of this product from Iran, but note that it is depending on the needs of the market.


The Raimonco team annually buys a large number of apple fruit products from gardeners in Urmia, Maragheh, Miyaneh, Damavand, Semirom, etc.

The fruit is usually packaged in a basket, but other countries ask us to put apples in cartons.

For example, in the sale of red apples for export to India, the weight of 180 to 250 grams of this red fruit is needed, which is usually ready to be exported to India in a 4-row arrangement in the basket.

It is different for other countries. For example, for Russia, we used cartons for the export of red apples.

Apple is a fruit that is loved by everyone in the world. Iranian apples are always in the first place in terms of quality and the types of apples exported to many countries are sold every year.

One of the reasons that Iranian apples sell in the Indian market is their unique taste and benefits that everyone is aware of and Iran apple price in India is also reasonable


Benefits of apple fruit

Few people do not like apples, but you should note that by eating one apple a day, you will no longer need a doctor.

One of the properties of apples is that this is effective in maintaining the freshness of the skin.

Using apples can eliminate common ailments such as dry skin, cracked skin, paleness, and many long-term and chronic skin diseases.

It should be noted that this ability of apples is due to the presence of riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamins C and A, minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Another property of apples is that it regulates blood pressure. Eating apples reduces blood pressure.

A study by Yale University (YALE) found that sniffing apples lower patients’ blood pressure.

Apples have different brain benefits that can be added to your diet. Apples are the richest source It is pectin, a natural fiber that is full of many benefits.

Apple trees also contain quercetin, tannins, and antioxidants, which All of these are health factors.


  • apple fruit the risk of cancer

Apples not only prevent bowel cancer, but also large amounts of quercetin, other flavonoids the fruit contains a strong release of antioxidant activity some people eat this fruit and get rid of free radicals prevents.

Besides, the phytochemicals in apples prevent cancer. This means that eating apples prevents prostate, kidney, and other organs.


  • Apples lower cholesterol

Researchers studying heart disease and brainstorming have found that eating three apples a day for three months can lower cholesterol by 20 degrees.


  • Apples delay the aging process

Many scientists were looking for the source of the youth who discovered the apple.

The phytochemicals of apples that cause light color in this fruit, along with other substances in apples, reduce cholesterol and fight cancer, as well as prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other conditions that cause disability in old age.

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