Apple fruit price in Iran

Apple fruit price in Iran

Apple fruit price in Iran

Iranian apples are very popular in global markets. The apple fruit price in Iran is variable for various reasons and increases or decreases in each season or each year. Reasons such as weather changes or the amount of product obtained. But Raimonco is always trying to offer the best and most appropriate apple prices to the customers.

Many activists in the Iranian apple market believe that Iranian-made apples have the potential to be recognized as the best and most delicious apples in the world.

But the presence of numerous intermediaries, most of whom are interested in their interests, has prevented the presence of Iranian apples in international markets.

Iran annually produces more than 3.5 million tons of apples, of which more than 1.5 million tons can be exported to various countries such as Russia, UAE, Pakistan, Persian Gulf countries, India, and other countries.


Export of apple

One of the potentials in the market of Iranian agricultural products is the export of apples to the markets and fruit fields of Iran’s neighboring countries and countries that are close to Iran in terms of distance.

So far, several regions and apple poles of Iran have been mentioned on the Remonco site. Urmia apples, Maragheh, Miyaneh, Semirom, and Damavand apple are all exported from Iran and have high quality.


Which countries import Iranian apples?

Most of the neighboring countries are customers of Iran’s exported apples. But Russia, Iraq, and Pakistan have more trade with Iran than other countries in the region, and their large leek fruit fields are a good market for selling Iranian apple, and apples from Iran are also very popular in these countries.

Exhibitors of Russian Food City, a permanent fruit and vegetable market in Moscow, are major customers of Iranian agricultural products, including Iranian apples.

Afghanistan, Oman, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Georgia, Armenia, and Kazakhstan are other countries importing Iranian apples.


Export of apples to Russia

Is it possible to ignore the largest country in the world with a population of 144 million for marketing Iran’s export agricultural products?

Russia is a country whose capital is only 2,600 km from Astara, which means that apple trees can be exported to Russia in the shortest possible time by road.

We can boldly name the Iranian apple as the most delicious and best apple in the world, which, unfortunately, due to lack of proper marketing, the main market for imported apples in Russia belongs to European, American, and Chinese countries.

Of course, Russia is the eighth largest producer of this product in the world, but its products only meet part of the needs of the Russian domestic market.

More than 1.8 million tons of apples are produced annually in Russia, which, given the country’s population of 144 million, this volume of production cannot meet the needs of the domestic market, and Apple is one of the imported agricultural products in Russia.

Miyaneh apple and this kind of apple fruit price in Iran

Miyaneh, which is located in East Azerbaijan, due to the special climatic conditions and mountainous nature of this region, provides the highest quality and most expensive apples in the fruit and vegetable market of Iran.

Medium apple with high shelf life can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

About 7,000 hectares of middle orchards are producing apple and producing red (red) and yellow (golden) apples and sending them to the fruit and vegetable markets of Tehran and other cities in Iran.

It is interesting to know that the price of middle apples is more expensive than Urmia, Maragheh, Semirom, and other regions of Iran.

because of its quality and durability, this product is more expensive than other Iranian apples.

After harvesting, this fruit can be stored in cold storage until early April without reducing its darkness and quality.

That is why the middle apple is one of the most popular fruits in the leek fields.

In the middle, there is a mountain called Bozqush. The middle location in the foothills of Bozgoosh mountain has made the apple of this region known as the highest quality apple in the fruit market of Iran due to the very suitable climatic conditions.

Apple fruit price in Iran

Maragheh apple fruit price in Iran

Maragheh is considered the center of agricultural products in East Azerbaijan province.

One of the products of this region is the Maragheh apple. Due to its high quality and durability, this type of apple is one of the suitable agricultural products for export to the fruit and vegetable market of Iran’s neighboring countries and countries such as Russia and Georgia.

Apple orchards in this area are mostly located at an altitude of 1800 meters from the slopes of Mount Sahand, which has made Maragheh apple have high durability.

For this reason, Maragheh apples are considered by exporters of Iranian agricultural products, and after Urmia, Maragheh is one of the largest apple producers in Iran.


Buy Maragheh apple

Raimonco is one of the largest suppliers of Iranian agricultural products for export.

By concluding a contract with producers, the company buys the export products of these loved ones as a guarantee and provides them to traders exporting agricultural products. Maragheh apple is one of these products.


Maragheh apple price

The price of this product fluctuates and dear customers who are interested in buying Maragheh apple should contact Remonco sales experts to know the price of this product.

Iranian apple

Due to its location in a mountainous region, Iran can grow apples in cold regions such as Damavand, Urmia, Isfahan (Semirom, Padna), Miyaneh, Maragheh, and Oshnoyeh, first grade, second grade, grade three, and apples under that have industrial applications.

Each of the apples produced in the mentioned regions with any quality has its special place in the Iranian apple market.

For example, when it comes to apple exports, market participants suggest Semirom, Fars, Urmia, and Damavand apples.

And when factories producing various industrial apple products such as nectars and juices are looking for apple under the trees, the apple under the tree in the Urmia region is offered to them. Thus, apples are classified in the market.

Unfortunately, even though gardeners send their products to the fruit market in Iran at very reasonable prices, some profiteers, under the pretext of fluctuations in currency and dollar prices and due to the boom in Iranian apple exports, prices consider it unusual for this product, which has led to the fact that despite the great potential for Iranian apples to enter the fruit markets of large countries such as Russia, which is one of the largest importers of apple in the world, in terms of distance to Our country Iran is close, Iranian apples are less likely to enter these markets and is one of the factors determining the apple fruit price in Iran.


For more information about apple fruit price in Iran check out our website or contact our consultants.

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