Apple production in Iran

Apple production in Iran

Apple production in Iran

Apple production in Iran is made of high quality and standard. Apple is one of the most important agricultural products in Iran. This agricultural product is considered one of the main sources of non-oil exports in Iran.

Apples are one of the healthiest foods around us. From time immemorial, the people of the world have been very interested in fruits.

According to historians, the main origin of apples was in the cold regions of northern Europe, and from there this valuable and useful fruit has been transferred to other parts of the world.

Undoubtedly, the Iranian apple is one of the most delicious and high-quality apples in the world, which will become a world-famous fruit if properly marketed and own a large part of the global apple market.

There are large and famous regions in Iran that produce different types of apples and send them to different domestic and foreign markets.

There are over 20 species of apple trees in Iran. These types of apples are produced and harvested in different gardens of the country.

Comparing the amount of apple production in the country with the apple production of the world’s major producers shows that Iran is the fourth-largest producer of apples in the world after China, the European Union, and the United States, with an annual production of more than three thousand tons. Iran’s share of world production of this product is 4.3%.

Among the regions that have the highest production and types of apples, we can mention the following:

  • West Azerbaijan province
  • East Azerbaijan province
  • Ardebil province
  • Tehran province
  • Fars province
  • Zanjan province
  • Razavi Khorasan Province
  • North Khorasan Province
  • Isfahan Province


Apple production in Iran is very diverse and the best Iranian apples are mentioned in the rest of the article

  • Urmia red apple
  • Apple in the red of Ardabil
  • Yellow apple
  • Shiraz rose apple
  • Apple of Mashhad
  • Semirom red apple
  • Apple in the red of Ardabil
  • Tabriz glass apples
  • Apple of Maragheh
  • Apple of Isfahan
  • Rezaieh red apple


There is nothing more enjoyable than biting a red, sweet, and juicy apple, which is also very good for your health. There are different types of apples in the world, which are often offered in green, yellow, and red colors.

The first rank of apple production in Iran belongs to West Azerbaijan

West Azerbaijan Province, with an annual production of more than 1.2 million tons of apples, has a share of more than 45% of apples produced in Iran and ranks first in this field. Azerbaijani apples are produced of very high quality and in different types.

According to published statistics, this year 12,000 tons of apple production in Iran has been exported from West Azerbaijan to various foreign countries.


The best red apple in Urmia

Urmia is one of the cities of West Azerbaijan province that offers the best apples to the market and the red apple of this city is famous.

Red apple is one of the best produced in the city of Urmia with the highest quality. This type of apple is very transparent, first-class and its quality is interesting for consumers.

The best type of red apple is harvested by Urmia producers and after grading, they go to the market. This measure has led to a significant increase in domestic and foreign sales of red apples.

Undoubtedly, the markets of different countries will easily welcome the bulk purchase of Urmia apples. Because the high quality of this fruit is proven and customers can pay attention to this product in special circumstances.

Ardebil province

Ardabil region, many of us may not have seen an apple whose flesh is red in addition to the skin. This type of apple is one of the rarest fruits that exist in very limited parts of the world.

In Iran, this type of apple is found in the Shahroud region of Semnan province and “Namin” in Ardabil province. Namin is better known as the city of cherries, but red apples are also a valuable and special fruit that you cannot see anywhere.

The main difference between this apple and other apples is the high percentage of antioxidants in it (30 to 40% more than normal apples) and its sour taste.

These types of apples, which are one of the summer apples, have a small body with red skin, and their redness can be seen after cutting.


Iranian apple products in Isfahan Semirom

One of the major apple production in Iran centers in the vast province of Isfahan. Semirom, Isfahan, Shahreza, and Nazanz are among the best apple growers in Iran.

Yellow, red, rose and green apples are the best apple products in this province and the export of Semirom apple product is known as a global brand.

The production of apple trees in Isfahan province is over 230,000 tons. An acceptable volume of apples is produced annually in this province and the apples of this province are offered to domestic and foreign markets with high quality and good variety.

Due to its mineral-rich waters, as well as its very fertile soil, the Isfahan apple tree is rich in various vitamins and elements, and in this respect, it is among the best apples in the world.


Fars province

By allocating one-fifth of the gardens of Fars province to rose apples, this province ranks second in apple production in the country.

Fars province introduces several types of apples in the market and the quality has one of the highest qualities available in the country. Therefore, considering the geographical location of this province, the apples of Fars province are mostly exported to the countries bordering the Persian Gulf and it has attracted a lot of enthusiasts in these countries.



The health benefits of apples

The benefits of apples are numerous and the most important of them are the following:

  • Cancer prevention


  • Maintain gastrointestinal health
  • Treatment of anemia
  • Diabetes control
  • Helping the health of the teeth


  • The positive effect of apples on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  • Helps treat respiratory problems


If you are interested in apple production in Iran, you can contact our consultants to buy different types of Iranian apples.

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