Export of Iranian dates

Export of Iranian dates

Export of Iranian dates

Export of Iranian dates has always been a major contributor to the country’s economic exports.

Iran can be considered as one of the countries that have suitable conditions for growing different types of dates.

These conditions have led to the production of high-quality dates, which can be said that is not possible anywhere in the world.

In terms of quality, the high quality of Iranian dates is unique in the world.

Because the place of cultivation and the conditions provided for the growth of these types of dates are possible only in some areas of Iran and the land must be fertile.

According to the report of the Islamic Republic of Iran, during the first 4 months of this year, our country has exported more than 60 thousand and 734 tons of dates equal to 53 million and 51 thousand and 170 dollars to many countries of the world.

All types of dates have been exported to 52 countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Qatar, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Iraq, India, Pakistan, China, Chile, Hungary, and other countries.Export of Iranian dates

The main partners and main destinations of this product of Iran are Iraq with 9 million 729 thousand 942 dollars, Pakistan with 7 million 647 thousand 360 dollars, and Kazakhstan with 5 million 910 thousand 133 dollars, respectively.

Mazafati dates, Pyaram dates, Shahani dates, and Zahedi dates, etc. are the types of dates exported by our country.

Mazafati dates with more than 29 million dollars, date derivatives with more than 13 million dollars, kebab dates with nearly 5 million dollars and Zahedi dates with 3 million 600 thousand dollars, Pyaram dates with more than 305 thousand dollars and royal dates with 142 thousand Dollars were our country’s date export products in the first four months of this year, respectively.

With 240,000 hectares of date cultivation and an annual production of more than one million tons, Iran is known as the second-largest producer of this product in the world after Egypt.

After Iran, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE, and Pakistan are the most important producers of dates in the world.

For food traders, perhaps the first question is, what is the best date for export?

Iran is very rich in date exports. Iran is one of the important dates countries by producing high-quality dates such as Mazafati dates.

According to the export of Iranian dates statistics, the most important destinations for Iranian date exports are the following countries

  • UAE
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • India

From the above countries, date exports to the UAE with 17% of the total date export statistics, have the highest amount, Pakistan with 11% is in the second place and date exports to Russia with 9% is in the third place.

Among all the date cultivars that are cultivated in Iran, we can name the best Iranian dates as cultivars such as Pyaram, Medjool, Mazafati, and Zahedi, which have the highest demand in the world markets.

The highest production of all types of dates in Iran is related to the provinces of Khuzestan, Fars, Hormozgan, Kerman, Bushehr, and Sistan Baluchestan. Depending on the climate, different types of dates are grown.


Types of dates for the export with the province

  • Khuzestan Province: Sayer dates (estemran)
  • Fars province: Zahedi dates and kabkab dates
  • Hormozgan province: Pyaram dates (Maryami dates)
  • Kerman province: Mazafati dates
  • Sistan and Baluchestan province: Mazafati dates
  • Bushehr province: Kabkab dates


Export of Iranian dates

The most important types of dates in Iran are the following items:

  • Mazafati dates (Mazafati fresh dates)
  • Sayer dates (estemran dates)
  • Pyaram dates (Maryami dates)
  • Kabkab dates (Behbahan dates)
  • Rabi dates
  • Shahani dates
  • Barhi dates
  • Khasuei dates
  • Medjool dates


Export of Iranian dates

Among the types of dates that are cultivated in Iran, five samples have the most global success and the most well-known types of dates for export in Iran.


Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates, which are known as Bam Mazafati dates, are cultivated in Bam city of Kerman province, which has the highest production in all types of exported dates in Iran. It has a soft texture, medium size, 20% moisture with thin and black skin, which has a very good taste.

Annually, more than 100,000 hundred thousand tons of Mazafati dates are produced in Kerman province. The price of Mazafati dates is higher than other types of dates except for Pyaram dates.


All Types of dates include Pyaram dates (Maryami dates)

Pyaram dates are one of the best and most expensive cultivars and types of dates for export in Iran, which is currently cultivated only in Iran and widely in the Hajiabad region of Hormozgan province due to suitable conditions for growing Pyaram dates.

This date is known as the best date in Iran, which has a higher price than other types of exported dates in Iran.

The size of Pyaram dates is medium to large with a purple color and is consumed as a snack. The moisture content of Pyaram dates is about 15% and in the category of semi-dry dates, it has thin wrinkled skin. Pyaram dates are very suitable for diabetics

The difference between Medjool and Pyaram dates

Export of Iranian dates such as Pyaram dates can be considered as a global competitor for Medjool dates.

Medjool dates are one of the most well-known dates in the international market and are known as the best dates in the world, which are priced at $ 20 per kilogram in the consumer markets.

This date has attracted the attention of many consumers due to its very special taste

Its size has made it known as the best date in the world. The price of Pyaram dates in Iran is much higher compared to other types of dates.


Kabkab dates

All Types of dates include Kabkab dates are another type of exported date in Iran that is widely grown in the Dashtestan region of Bushehr province and Kazerun region of Fars province and more than 50,000 tons are harvested annually.

Kabkab dates are one of the best types of dates for direct consumption and industrial use, which are widely used in the food industry.

This date is one of the types of Bushehr dates that are very marketable in terms of exports and in recent years have been exported to more countries such as Russia, India, Pakistan, and other countries.

Kabkab dates have a large size, soft and sweet texture, 18% humidity, very good taste, have a light brown color, and also have a good concentrate.


Sayer Dates

Sayer dates are one of the types of Iranian export dates that have high annual export statistics and are widely grown in Khuzestan province and are unique in terms of nutritional value and sugar in the world.

Sayer dates (estemran) have a light brown color, a relative humidity of 18%, semi-dry, good taste, and medium-size.

The annual harvest of other dates in Iran is more than 50,000 tons.


Zahedi dates in Iran

Zahedi dates can be mentioned as export of Iranian dates with a high export value that is widely cultivated in Fars and Bushehr provinces.

Zahedi dates are a type of dried dates that have a yellow-brown color with high sugar content and have special customers in the Middle East, Pakistan, and India.

The best type of Zahedi dates is produced in the region behind the mountains of Bushehr province and Qirokarzin city of Fars province.

The price of Zahedi dates is usually equal to the price of kabkaab dates.


Types of dried dates

Among the top dates of Iran for export, the category of dried dates is very popular

Dried dates can be exported more than other types of dates due to their ease of packaging and storage, as well as the possibility of longer shelf life.

In the category of dried dates exported from Iran, we can mention Pyaram, Zahedi, and Medjool cultivars, which are packed dry and without concentrate due to their lower humidity.

Pakistan is one of the largest customers of Iranian dried dates, a large part of the Zahedi variety produced in Iran is exported to this country.


All Types of dates include Shirazi dates or shahani dates

Due to the low price compared to other types of dates, this figure is mostly exported to India and Pakistan.

Shirazi dates can be mention as export of Iranian dates. It is produced in Fars province and Jahrom city and is known as Shirazi date.

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