Properties Of Dates

Properties of dates

Properties Of Dates

Properties of dates  :If you want to know more about the benefits of dates for the body , join us in this article.

History of dates:

Dates with the scientific name of Phoenix dactylifera is a tropical plant in the genus of palms. The fruit is edible and has hardcore and thin skin and a sweet taste that hangs in the form of large clusters from the branch. moist is the stage before full ripening of dates that has more moisture and less sugar than fully ripe dates.

Dates have been in the human diet since ancient times and have been one of the oldest fruits grown by humans. The date palm tree grows in tropical and subtropical regions, including Iran.

benefits of dates to strengthen memory

Consumption of dates as a substitute for foods containing sugar is highly recommended because dates easily affect the short-term memory of the brain due to their natural sugar content and sugar is also a food for the brain, and when this food is provided, it does its job well.

Properties of dates in the treatment of tooth decay

Consumption of dates as food, due to the inhibitory effects on the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay, is effective in preventing this complication.

Tooth decay is the most common bacterial infection in humans. Research shows that some foods can prevent tooth decay by preventing the growth of bacteria. Studies show that due to the role of dates in preventing the growth of bacteria, dates can be introduced as food to prevent rot.

benefits of dates for the treatment of neurological diseases

Potassium is significantly present in this fruit, which is essential for preventing high blood pressure and for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves, which is very dangerous to lose in the body. Also, dates contain significant amounts of magnesium, which is essential for nerves and muscles.



benefits of dates for the body like blood formation

Dates provide a significant amount of folate, or folic acid, which is needed for blood supply to the body , and besides women during pregnancy receiving folate through food, are forced to take pills. Folate is found in dates as a blood-forming substance, although the amount of iron in dates is not that high, to make blood, the body needs three nutrients: folate, iron, and vitamin B12, which are found in animal foods, so A variety of foods should be used for this purpose. Vitamin C is another nutrient in dates that are needed to prevent dangerous bleeding diseases and Each person’s body should receive 60 mg of vitamin C during the day, which is approximately 14 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of dates.

Benefits of dates against weight loss

Dates are part of a healthy diet because they contain sugar, fat, protein, and a variety of essential vitamins. Therefore, this nutrient is an effective aid in combating weight loss. Consumption of dates with milk and yogurt is recommended and prevents hunger and thirst.

The properties of dates to strengthen the heart

It has been proved that Dates that are soaked in water at night and consumed in the morning are good for weak hearts, if you do this twice a week, you will help strengthen your heart.

Properties of datesTake a look at other benefits of dates:

  • Dates are effective in lowering blood fats
  • Phosphorus in dates helps keep nerve cells alive
  • If dates are eaten with fenugreek, it is useful for bladder stones
  • To strengthen the physical strength, soak dates in fresh milk, add a little cinnamon and eat it in the morning as breakfast, and then after that drink a little milk. Of course, it is not good for hot tempers
  • Those who want their bladder stones to be crushed should use its extract (date kernel extract) and its extract is very astringent And those who have constipation should try to use simple and laxative foods when using date extract.
  • Due to the presence of vitamin B in dates, the fruit is good for nerve balance and also promotes growth
  • we can see the benefits of dates for the body because is very useful for iron deficiency
  • Athletes can use a nutritious evening meal with dates due to their high activity
  • The fiber in dates is useful for improving the function of the digestive system and the digestion and excretion of food
  • For a comfortable and relaxed sleep, you can have a date and a glass of warm milk before going to bed
  • Regular consumption of dates helps the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines
  • Properties of dates for treating stomach cancer
  • Potassium in this fruit is effective in controlling diarrhea
  • Dates, which control blood sugar levels, are recommended for diabetics
  • Incorporating dates into your daily diet eliminates the problem of weight loss
  • Dates have many healing properties, including the treatment of diarrhea and intestinal disorders
  • Dates are laxative, meaning that they are used to relieve and treat constipation
  • Dates are high in nicotine and can be used to treat intestinal disorders
  • Regular and recommended consumption of ripe dates in the diet helps control pain and discomfort caused by abdominal cancer
  • Dates are a natural sexual stimulant so the benefits of dates for the body can be mentioned. Regular consumption of dates with goat’s milk, honey, and cardamom powder helps improve impotence and infertility
  • Ripe dates Properties of vegetables- Properties of fruits and vegetables and health-and is a source of potassium. Potassium, as a medicine, can control diarrhea
  • People with chronic intestinal disorders can help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and have a healthy digestive system by eating dates regularly
  • Dates contain significant amounts of vitamin A and beta-carotene. Vitamin A in dates prevents infectious diseases
  • This fruit naturally strengthens the body’s immune system


Now that you know the benefits of dates for the body , by referring to our products section, you can see the types of dates and easily register your order.

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