Iranian black dates

Iranian black dates

We are very happy to be at your service again and to be able to write you an article in the field in which we specialize. Our article today is related to Iranian black dates. As you know, black includes many types of dates. In this article, we want to briefly discuss dates that are black. Maybe when each of you hears the name of a date, the shape of an extra date comes to your mind, which is black. But not only are there more than one type of black date, but many dates are not black. Join us to see some examples of Iranian black dates. Thank you in advance for choosing our article for reading. We hope we can guide you properly in this regard.

Mazafati Fresh Dates

mazafati dates

As we mentioned in the introduction, Mazafati dates are the most famous dates in Iran and maybe even in the world. The color of this type of date is black. Its unique features include delicious juice and a lot of sweetness. Given the popularity of this type of date, when we talk about Iranian black dates, this date may be the first example that comes to mind. You can see this date in the picture below. Also, if you are a fan of Mazafati dates, you can contact Raimon Company to buy these dates. The company will sell you the best of these dates at the lowest price.

Kabkab Dates


Kabkab dates are another type of Iranian date that its dark color puts it in the category of Iranian black dates types. Of course, the color of this date is yellow before it reaches maturity. And after reaching maturity, the color of this date changes to dark brown. With a little carelessness, it can be considered a “causal” type. This type of date is considered to be almost dry dates. This makes it much easier to store this type of date in storage for a long time.


Ajwa Dates

adja dates

This type of date is another type of date that has a black color. And in the list we write for Iranian black dates can be a good example. In appearance, these dates were slightly smaller than Mazafati dates. And like kebab dates, it is considered as a semi-dry type of date.


Khudri dates

This type of date is one of the types of dates that has a sweet taste. And the characteristic of the properties of this date is that the skin of this date is wrinkled. The color of this type of date is dark brown. This date can also be one of the causal types with a little carelessness. Thank you very much for following our article so far. We hope we have been able to satisfy you so far.


As you can see, in this article, we have mentioned some examples of Iranian black dates types for you, all of which are special and special dates of Iran. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share our information with you. Thank you very much for following our article about Iranian black dates.


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