Mazafati dates price in Iran

Mazafati dates price in Iran

Mazafati dates price in Iran

Hello, you who are reading our article, today we are going to focus on the Mazafati dates price in Iran. What is the price of this date in Iran? Also, what effect will the export of this type of date have on its price? Where can we buy at a fairer price? What are the characteristics of quality dates? Why Iranian Mazafati dates? This article will be slightly different from other articles. Because price is usually not something that is specifically stated in the articles. In this article, we are going to focus more on the way you can buy the highest quality professions possible, rather than on the nature of price.

How much is it?

Unfortunately, today’s economic situation in Iran under sanctions by some countries has led to price instability. This will not only affect the price of currency in Iran but also the price of all goods in Iran will be subject to these fluctuations. It may be true that we want to say that the Mazafati dates price in Iran today was, for example, 10,000 Tomans. But when you read this article next month, the price of this pyramid may be 15,000 Tomans. So it is almost impossible for us to provide you with a fixed figure as the Mazafati dates price in Iran. But at the time of writing this article, usually each 200-gram date sells for less than 10,000 Tomans if its quality is normal. Of course, the packaging of this product is not very high quality and the dates sold are not first class. Export dates are of higher quality and price.

What is the type of packaging ?

The packaging of Mazafati dates in Iran depends entirely on its consumption. Dates in Iran have different qualities. For example, first-class Mazafati dates that are prepared for export and foreign customers want to buy them: are usually offered to foreign customers in stylish and very luxurious packaging. Meanwhile, 10 kg packages are considered for transporting third grade dates and selling them in local markets. Raimon Company, as one of the largest manufacturers, has the honor to package its products according to its customer’s taste. The foreign customer may want to offer this product with his brand in the market of the destination country. In this part, Raimon company can do product packaging with its customer brand. You might think this paragraph has nothing to do with Mazafati dates price in Iran. But it should be said that considering the type of packaging can affect the cost of goods, packaging is one of the important factors in the Mazafati dates price in Iran.

What is the price of Mazafati dates for export in Iran?

As mentioned, due to currency market fluctuations, it is better to inquire about these prices online. Raimon company can be a good option for you foreign customers. This company will be your answer as soon as possible. If you want to buy dates from Iran, contact us. To inform you of the latest Mazafati dates price in Iran. we will offer you the fairest price.

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