Kimia dates from which country

Kimia dates from which country

Hello friends, you are accompanying us in reading this article. We hope we can provide useful information about ” Kimia dates from which country” for you today in this article. If you are a buyer of Mazafati dates, the question has always been for you that ” Kimia dates from which country ?”. For this reason, it may be better to first consider which region is the largest producer of this type of date in the world. And what is the advantage of the quality of dates in the mentioned region compared to dates in other places? Join us to get useful information in this regard.

Where is the city of Bam?

Bam is one of the historical cities of Kerman province in southeastern Iran. The historical citadel and the city of Bam are located at the top of the tourism centers of Kerman province and the southeastern region of the country and have become the tourism hub of southeastern Iran. Bam is located in the central part of Bam city. The city of Bam is located 195 km southeast of Kerman, the capital of the province. According to the 1995 census of the Statistics Center of Iran, the population of Bam was 157,396. One of the most important products of this city is Mazafati dates. This region is the best place for growing Mazafati dates due to my special climatic conditions. And it can be claimed that Bam city is the largest producer of Mazafati dates with a huge difference. Stay with us to talk more about ” Kimia dates from which country”.

Where is the best country to buy ?

As explained about the city of Bam, it can be concluded that Iran is one of the largest producers of dates in the world. Due to the very high production volume of this product in Iran, this country can be a good option. Other advantages of Iran for buying dates include the high value of foreign currencies compared to the official currency of the country. This point is very important for foreign buyers. Because they can probably get the products they want at a lower price. Also, as one of the most experienced date producers in the world, Iran places great emphasis on the quality of its products. In the following, you will get acquainted with one of the largest producers of Mazafati dates in Iran. Join us to talk about ” Kimia dates from which country”  in more detail.

Raimon Co.

If you are one of the largest producers of Mazafati dates in Iran, Raimon Company is the best choice for you. This company is ready to accept orders from domestic and foreign customers by having about 50 hectares of agricultural land for the production of dates, especially Mazafati dates. The high quality of dates produced by this company has always been one of the competitive advantages of this company with other competitors. Undoubtedly, this company is one of the most reputable companies in this field in Iran. As mentioned, Iran is also one of the best choices to buy Mazafati dates. So if you are looking to buy dates, Raimon Company can be a very reasonable choice for buying dates. For more information about prices and etc. please contact our company. Thank you very much for reading this article about ” Kimia dates from which country” .

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