Kimiya dates

Kimiya dates

Kimiya dates

This article discusses kimiya dates. In fact, it should be said that kimiya dates is a brand that produces Mazafati dates with which it is known. Many people mistakenly use the word kimiya dates instead of Mazafati dates. And he thinks that kimiya dates is a kind of date. In other words, the word kimiya dates is used instead of the a common type of date. We have many examples of these in global markets. If you have heard the word kleenex, you must have heard a very famous example of it. In fact, kleenex is a paper napkin brand. But many people around the world use the word kleenex instead of the word paper towels.


Are kimiya dates processed?

There are different types of dates according to the type of care. Before this date matures, it is called Kharak. After this date is ripe and ready to be harvested, another name is used for it. Rutab or Rotab is a name used for freshly picked or ready-to-pick dates. After this date is stored in the warehouse for a while to make it the way you consume it, it is called Mazafati date. Of course, other names are used for it such as kimiya dates, as mentioned in the article. These names are used for this popular type of date in different parts of the world due to the wide export of this quality product. But to answer this question, it should be said that apart from the mentioned steps, there are no steps to process this date. And this date is a natural fruit.

Are kimia dates good for health?

Dates in general have a lot of useful substances. In traditional medicine, this wonderful fruit has been used to treat many diseases. It should be noted that usually natural fruits, if consumed in moderation, are not only not harmful but also guarantee the supply of vitamins we need. Due to its very thick juice of kimiya dates, Mazafati dates are rich in various vitamins that our body may need. It should be said that the sugar in dates is a type of fructose and is much less harmful than glucose. Especially for people with diabetes, it should be said that this sugar can help them a lot to prevent glucose consumption.

Who is the best seller of kimia dates in Iran?

As you know, Bam is one of the largest date producing places in Iran. This city supplies most of the Mazafati dates (kimia dates) produced in Iran. Raimon Company has been one of the most experienced and reputable companies in the field of producing all kinds of dates, including Mazafati dates. One of the points that should be discussed about Raimon Company is that this company has more than 47 hectares of agricultural land in different cities, including Bam. And due to the high volume of production of Mazafati dates compared to other types of dates, the factory of this company is working in Bam. So if you are looking for quality Mazafati dates, you can count on Raimon Company to buy.


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