Dates factory in Iran

Dates factory in Iran

Dates factory in Iran

Hi everyone. Today in this article we will focus on dates factory in Iran. We hope we have prepared some useful information for you in this article. First of all, we must mention that Iran is one of the largest producers of dates in the Middle East and in the world. As you know, this product can not reach the consumer directly from agricultural lands. Therefore, many factories have been built so that they can reach the consumers with different brands by packing dates. In this article, we want to talk more about these factories. Join us and get comprehensive information about dates factory in Iran.

1      What happens in dates factory in Iran?

As mentioned in the introduction, dates go through different stages from picking to reaching the consumer. Farmers usually irrigate and care for the trees. After harvesting, packing and quality assessment is not something that can be done by farmers. Harvested products have different qualities. In dates factory in Iran, these dates are classified based on quality. After packaging, they are marketed at prices commensurate with their quality. In the meantime, the company is more credible to do this better than others. That is, to sell dates with higher quality at a more reasonable price.

2      Do date factories in Iran do agricultural work themselves?

Many date sellers buy the dates they need from agricultural lands and farmers. But in the meantime, more reputable companies have their own agricultural lands. In the next section, we will introduce you to a very reputable company in the field of date exports, which has more than forty-seven hectares of agricultural land for date production. But what is the advantage of having an agricultural factory? It should be said that if a factory is looking to export dates, it should produce better quality dates. For this purpose, agricultural lands are maintained with the highest standards for greater efficiency. This gives the customer the peace of mind that all stages of date production from planting to harvesting and packaging are done under the supervision of a reputable company. And this has been done with the highest standard.

2.1     fixed price

Of course, it should not be overlooked that if the date producer owns agricultural land, it can definitely choose a more reasonable price to offer to the customer. Because he no longer has to pay farmers’ profits. And this cost will be effective.

3      Raimon Co.

Raimon Company with the brand name Raimon Co. is one of the largest date export companies in Iran (Dates factory in Iran) . This company is active in the production and wholesale of dates. Raimon Company has experience in exporting dates to European and Asian countries such as Malaysia and India. Most of the country’s dates are exported by Raimon. That is why this company is one of the most reputable companies exporting dates in Iran. It should be noted that Russia has been a regular customer of this company. Based on its many years of experience, this company can be a guide for exporting dates to your desired country. So if you want to buy bulk dates from Iran, be sure to contact us.

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