Kimia dates

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Kimia dates

In this article, we are going to deal with one of the most famous dates in Iran which is called Mazafati dates ( Kimia dates ). Undoubtedly, this type of date is the most popular date of Iran. This date has always been among the meals of Iranians. And the people of this country use it as one of their inseparable foods. Iranians usually eat this date with tea as a snack. Many of them taste Mazafati dates or Kimia dates with milk, which is very delicious. The popularity of this date has caused people all over the world to pay attention to this type of date.

1      What are other names for dates?

This type of date has been used in different parts of the world due to its popularity. That is why different names have been chosen for Mazafati dates or Kimia dates. And people in different parts of the world know this date by different names such as Kimia dates or Kimia Sahara dates dates. Also Kimia Bam Sahara date and Iranian Bam Sahara dates is two of the top key phrases for this kind of dates.

2      Are dates good for health?

Dates are a natural fruit. That is why it is free of any chemicals. Compared to sugars or chocolates made by us humans, Mazafati dates or in other words Kimia dates are a much healthier food.

This fruit contains a variety of vitamins, including E-C-B-A. Mazafati dates or Kimia dates also contains minerals such as Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Iodine And Magnesium, each of which plays an important role in human health. This fruit has Anti-Cancer Magnesium and is also useful for hearing, vision, back pain, joint pain, chest and lung treatment. Due to its Magnesium content, dates strengthen the body’s muscular energy and increase the body’s general strength. And due to having Phosphorus and Magnesium, it strengthens memory.

2.1    Is Kimia dates good for pregnancy?

So far in the history of medicine, no study or research has shown that it is necessary for pregnant mothers to eliminate Mazafati dates  or in other words Kimia dates from their diet completely. In fact, most of these studies claim that consuming this nutrient during pregnancy can help the pregnant mother and her fetus in the womb, and the body can both benefit from various nutrients and vitamins.

3      How to eat ?

Due to the high popularity of Mazafati dates  (Kimia dates) and its consumption in different parts of the world, this date is desired in different ways. Of course, this is entirely up to the individual. But in general, in Iran, as one of the countries producing this date, they taste mixed dates with tea. Some people like to eat this date with milk, as mentioned before. A very common way to eat dates is to remove the kernels and replace them with walnut pieces.

4      How to clean ?

Never wash dates with alcohol or disinfectant. Because these substances enter the Mazafati dates  or Kimia dates and cause many problems when eating. You can also put dried dates in the oven or microwave and heat it. Of course, as long as the date does not burn, and in this way, the Corona virus in the date is eliminated. But it is good to know that dates that have been factory-packaged in durable and impermeable vacuum or impermeable nylon packaging have undergone washing and disinfection. And only after buying the dates, wash and disinfect the package of Mazafati dates to be safe from the COVID-19.

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