Breakfast With Dates


Breakfast With Dates

Benefits of eating dates for breakfast
1. Weight management
Dates is one of the few super foods that can help both weight loss and weight gain, depending upon the food combinations it is taken with. Dates are a rich source of simple sugars and concentrated reserves of energy. When consumed with other high calorie foods like milk, dates help increase body weight and endurance. At the same time dates are rich in dietary fiber and have a high satiety value, they are low in fat as well. Consuming a few dates in the morning along with warm water helps curb unhealthy snacking, helps prevent unhealthy eating habits, and works towards reducing weight.

2. Natural vitamin supplement
Dates which are rich with vitamins and minerals, act as the ideal morning supplement. Each serving of dates provides over 3 of RDA (recommended daily allowance) for various kinds of vitamins like Vitamin A, K, Thiamine, and folic acid. It is one of the richest sources of potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. It contains almost all B complex vitamins, and a rich source of phyto-nutrients like carotenoids and flavonoids. So, forget expensive vitamin tablets and replace some dates instead.

3. Cardio protective in nature
While, dates are a rich source of potassium, they contain very small doses of sodium. This is considered as the ideal electrolyte composition for regulating a healthy vascular system. These fruits also help in lowering of the LDL cholesterol. Research has shown regular consumption of dates as a part of healthy balanced diet helps reduce the risk of Cardio Vascular diseases (CVDs) even in the high risk population.

Benefits of eating dates for breakfast

4. enhances brain activity and concentration.
Dates are a rich source of natural simple sugars. These sugars provide the all most important Glucose to the body and help stabilize the blood sugar levels. This matter helps improve brain activity and improves concentration.

5. Rejuvenate your sex life
Studies have proven that dates can do wonders to enhance the libido of men. The rich nutrient concoction in dates helps relieve several sexual deficiencies like ED, impotence, and infertility. Whats more, consuming dates in the morning seems to have most beneficial effects than other times of the day.

Benefits of eating dates for breakfast

6. Improves GI health
Dates are rich in dietary fiber and contain the right amount of simple sugars. Moreover, they are loaded with phytonutrients and Vitamin A. Regular consumption of dates has shown to help improve probiotic quality in the large gut, enhance gut motility, and villi cell health. Apart from these benefits the nicotinic acid present in these fruits help cure several intestinal disorders and prevent microbial infections of the gut.

7. Protects bone health
One cup of dates provides over 6.5 of RDA for calcium and phosphorus along with a minimum of 14 of magnesium the important minerals involved in bone building and maintaining proper bone structure. The potassium, vitamin K, and manganese in dates are also important for bone health. Regular morning consumption of dates is known to improve bone density and in long run prevent occurrences of osteopenic disorders.

8. Excellent remedy for hangover
Troubled by the gnawing headache from the party previous night? Worry not when dates are here for rescue. These tropical bites are known as an excellent remedy for alcoholic intoxication. They provide quick relief from hangover symptoms like headaches, stomach upsets, and mood swings.

9. Excellent supplement for pregnant and nursing females
Regular consumption of dates helps strengthen uterine muscles and helps the body prepare for the final stages of the pregnancy and labor. Post pregnancy, dates act as a galactagogue (lactation enhancer) and promote better lactation. They also help in quicker contractions of uterine muscles and allow faster recovery.

10. Potent weapon against constipation
Tired of the daily morning struggle and nauseated with worthless laxatives? Try a dose of dates instead. The high soluble and insoluble fiber content of these fruits is a known natural laxative. Research has shown that dates soaked in water are good enough to cure the most chronic cases of constipation.

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