Dates And Milk


Dates And Milk

Dates and milk

Everyone dreams of a perfect and healthy body, so they keep track of all kinds of dieting and aerobics. But unfortunately, there are many persons use wrong diets which affect them badly.The diet of dates and milk is one of the best ways to lose weight without feeling fatigue or having any trouble.
But is it healthy and safe?
What is the safe way that can be followed without having a negative impact on our body?
How to make the fat burning process faster?

There are many ways to burn fats and make your burning process faster like exercises, following a good diet and eating the types of foods which help in this process.
A diet of dates and milk is a perfect way to lose weight. It has more benefits than you expect.
1- It is free from cholesterol (which harms you and make you fat). Also it doesn’t contain excessive amounts of fats.
2- By eating dates you can replace fatty foods with it which will give you nutrients for the same amount of calories.
3- It is considered as a perfect source of protein.
4- It contains also a high percent of vitamins which improve your health.
5- As for the energy you need every day, dates can provide you with a high energy, you can consider it as a snack due to the natural sugars in it.
6- Also, It prevents from having a high-calorie meal or unhealthy snacks.

First, let’s introduce you to how this diet works, it consists of some dates divided throughout the day in the form of three main meals, and each meal consisting of 7 beads of dates accompanied by a glass of milk or low-fat milk, which will let you have a grace body in one week.
Usually it results in a loss of 3-4 kilos a week since this diet has low calories and in addition, the dates and milk mix contains on several benefits like fats, sugars, calcium, iron, protein, vitamins, phosphorus, and zinc.

The benefits of milk and dates:

This system provides a large part of the nutritional needs of the body:
Dates contain fats and sugars, calcium, iron and vitamin A.
Milk at 18 basic food items, such as protein, vitamin A, B6, B12, C, and acids «pantothenic» contain
And «thiamine» and «riboflavin» and folic and «niacin» and phosphorus, zinc, and calcium, of course. Thus, the diet of dates and milk is simple and fast, which helps weight loss in a short period.

Disadvantages diet of dates and milk:

Since this accursed contains only dates and milk it lacks some important vitamins and nutrients.
For example, the proportion of protein in which a few, and after a period starting side effects Caused by lack of protein and minerals, fiber and vitamins to appear, so you should not repeat this accursed lot. (for people who do not suffer from any diseases).
As it leads to a continuing fatigue and tiredness and a lack of the necessary elements for the body like carbohydrates, animal proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables. Here you will find best.
As always, you should consult a physician before you follow any diet or a diet or a new recipe.

pieces of advice you should follow in dates and milk diet:
1- Our advice to you if you want to lose 3 or 4 kilograms of weight you can follow this diet for one week only.
2- If you want to lose more weight you can follow this diet for a week and then in the next week following the standard diet containing carbohydrates and animal proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables.

Dates and milk diet

Diet of dates and milk program
You can follow the diet of dates and milk between 3 and 5 days.
Breakfast (7-9 am): Eat five dates with a glass of milk or yogurt.
First Snack (12:00): Eat three dates with a glass milk or yogurt.
Lunch (3 pm): Eat five dates with a glass milk or yogurt.
Snack second (18:00): Eat three dates with a glass milk or yogurt.
Dinner (20:00): Eat 5 dates with a cup of yogurt or milk.

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