Health Benefits of Dates


Health Benefits of Dates

Due to its high magnesium and calcium content, dates are also reported to be useful in the treatment of respiratory disorders, heart conditions and cancer. It’s also recommended for anemia, allergies, and constipation. Bedouin Arabs, who ate them on a regular basis, showed an extremely low incidence rate of cancer and heart diseases. Dates contain seven vitamins and eleven minerals whose importance as a dietary supplement was appreciated by the desert people who, for thousands of years, ate dates with goat or camel milk as a complete sustenance.
Dates are also recommended for pregnant women. Scientific studies have shown that eating dates are highly beneficial for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Dates contain certain stimulants which assist in the strengthening of the muscles of the womb which can lead to an easier delivery. The sugar content of dates is about 80% making it an ideal high energy food for nursing mothers.

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